Mila Kunis: Why She Dumped Macaulay Culkin

Monday, August 13, 2012

MILA Kunis dumped Macaulay Culkin because of his drug use, it has been claimed.

According to the National Enquirer, the actress — who split from the Home Alone star in 2010 after eight years of dating — ditched Culkin over his substance abuse.

“Mila was the love of Mac’s life, but she dumped him over his drug use,” a source said. “She just went on a romantic trip to Bali with Ashton, and that destroyed Mac.

“Mac’s problem is that he pretends nothing is wrong.

“After The National Enquirer exposed his secret life, he fled to Los Angeles, and I believe he collapsed due to her­oin withdrawal. But partying in L.A. is the last thing Mac should be doing. He should be in rehab, and we fear that if he doesn’t get help, something tragic will happen.”



  • Tina Ferrie

    Most poorly written celeb goss ive ever read. You mention National Enquirer saying it was to do with his drug use but where did their sources come from!? You keep saying “sources” without saying who. This isnt a privacy thing, its an easy way to LIE and DESTROY the lives of celebrities. Unless Mila or Mac mentioned it, dont believe a thing. Im sick of reporters doing this to celebrities. Either write the truth and mention your lack of info or dont publish the article at all. If you disable this comment you have alot to hide, dont you?