Barack Obama Had a Secret Wife?

Friday, August 17, 2012

BARACK Obama has been married before!

According to American tabloid Globe, the American President had a wife BEFORE he met current lady love Michelle Obama.

The Globe reports that Obama is hiding his history from America and they’ve got photos of Barack wearing a gold wedding band.

“Barack is clearly wearing the band on his ring finger and reveals the nagging questions about the blanks in his mysterious past that he’s refused to fill in,” a source said.

Meanwhile, Obama is allegedly using a fake Social Security card belonging to a dead man born in 1890.

According to America’s Globe magazine, The White House is furious about Obama’s latest scheme and has demanded that his name be removed from the ballot in Ohio.

Michelle Obama is in a panic,” a source said.

Recent reports claimed Obama has vowed to destroy Donald Trump!

Obama is said to be furious at Trump for trying to prove he wasn’t born in the U.S. and for backing Republican Mitt Romney.

“Donald is at the top of his secret hit list,” a source said.[imagebrowser id=287]


  • jilly

    Another HUGE LOAD OF CRAP from Mitt Romney and Assoc. How low can someone get?

    • Sickofit

      Jilly….Mitt Romney has more important things to do than to even bother to read this trash!…It is stupid to even suggest that he would be involved in this nonsense…It is media t4rash!

      • christian1269

        Just like National Inquirer’s trash about John Edwards/

  • em

    Didnt we all already know this.. he has done nothing but hide his past. Thats why he has his college records sealed, they say he was here in the US as a foreign exchange student.

  • Anonymous

    Well, they hide or try to hide the gangstalking they are doing and that type of bullying