Kristen Stewart Living on Red Bull and Cigarettes

Friday, August 17, 2012

KRISTEN Stewart is in a bad place right now.

Since news broke about her affair with director Rupert Sanders, the actress has  basically “living on” a dangerous diet of Red Bull and cigarettes.

“Kristen is a nervous wreck and existing on a diet of cigarettes, sugar-free Red Bull and the occasional bag of potato chips,” revealed an insider.

“She’s been hiding out at the LA home of a producer friend and is looking pale and worn-out. Whenever anyone tries to push her to eat even a small bowl of soup, she either claims that she’s just had something, which isn’t true, or that she’s nauseous and there’s no chance of keeping anything down.”

“Kristen is grief-stricken and has hit rock-bottom. In many ways, Kristen living off cigs and Red Bull is a way of punishing herself.”

Kristen has also refused friends’ pleas to see a therapist, said the source.

“Part of her just doesn’t want to feel better,” said the source.[imagebrowser id=128]


  • Anthony Machado

    just think a lot here is not true, but to me these rumors are always funny. hahahahaha

  • Planet Toby

    Okay , listen, no your not gonna have much of an appetite, till enough time goes by.The answer,b4 you dip into a worse state of depression?…”ANOTHER GUY”…who will end up knocking your socks off.Go out with your friendfs to the clubs, or go to College, there’s one waiting there for you.You won’t find him, wallowing away in your anquish…Take creative writing courses, he sitting in that class waiting for you.You don’t HAVE to go the celebrity root for the guy who will turn you around to a 360…”HE”S OUT THERE” go find him!!!!!!!