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Ryan Gosling Won’t Have Child Out of Wedlock

Posted by Adam

RYAN Gosling wants to get married before starting a family.

Previous reports claimed the actor’s girlfriend, Eva Mendes, was upset that he didn’t want to have a baby with her.

But, according to reports, Ryan is against having a child out of wedlock.

“Ryan believes in marital commitment before children,” says an insider. “But Eva doesn’t support the institution of marriage. She’s very outspoken about it.

“She considering caving and actually proposing to Ryan on their one-year anniversary in September.”

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  • TruLuvWaits

    Bravo for Ryan. How refreshing to read that someone doesn’t want to put the cart before the horse, and instead wants to do things the proper way. Eva needs to hold her horses and not be so pushy (desperate)…unless she wants to push Ryan out of her life. The last thing the world needs is yet another fatherless child. True love waits, Eva. True love waits.

  • Anonymous

    Beautifully spoken, TruLuvWaits! I commend Ryan for his decison. I hope that when he does marry, he and his bride will have what it takes to stay married, and raise a beautiful family together. We see too many people rushing relationships and parenthood, without even thinking about the future of these babies being born, only to watch their parents move on…and on, to other relationships! So, Kudos to Ryan :)