Katie Couric Wants More Kids

Monday, August 20, 2012

KATIE Couric wishes she had a bigger family.

The TV journalist, 55, is the mother of two daughters — Ellie, 21, and Carrie, 16 — admits she would have liked to have had more kids..

“I love being around my kids. I’m not a particularly solitary person. I like a big, chaotic household — noise, commotion, laughter!” Couric tells Good Housekeeping.

“Sometimes I think I should have had six kids. Or I wish I’d had one [more] at 37, but I was busy. My career.

“I was happy to stave it off until I was 55. When you’re younger, you dread your period, and when you’re older, you want to give it a big hug. You think, ‘I’ve still got it goin’ on!’ Anyway, I think those days are over.

I think emotionally and psychologically, it’s weird to feel like, ‘Gosh, my childbearing years are over.’ And of course they’ve been over for a long time, but still, they’re officially over now. It’s kind of a head trip, to tell you the truth.”