Jennifer Lopez Tells Casper Smart: ‘Look Good and Have Sex With me’

Monday, August 27, 2012

JENNIFER Lopez and Casper Smart have been having heated arguments!

During her concert tour, a source overheard Jennifer and Casper fighting in her dressing room.

“Casper told J.Lo he is paranoid that he’s being followed, and she said, ‘You’re damn right you’re being followed. The whole world is watching you! If you f—k up one more time, it’s over!’” a source said.

Casper has twice landed in J.Lo’s doghouse. First, says the source, when J.Lo caught him cheating with another backup dancer, and again after the peep show photos emerged.

“Jennifer heard Casper had been there before it came out in the magazines, so she knew she was going to be publicly mortified,” says the witness. “She’s so mad at him and tensions are really high – as everyone around them can plainly see.”

“Jennifer assigned Casper her personal bodyguard to keep an eye on him because she trusts the guy and knows he’ll tell her truth.

“Jennifer told Casper his job is to do what she says, look good, smile for the cameras and have sex with her.”

Recent reports claimed Lopez is getting ready to wave goodbye to Smart.

The singer and actress is apparently “getting frustrated” with her backup dancer beau, who she dating last year following her split from Marc Anthony.

“[Jennifer] is getting frustrated with him and she’s increasingly short-tempered when she’s around him,” a source told People magazine.

“He’s moved into her life – and a little too easily, too. I think her family is watching him closely.

“Jennifer is the kind of girl who doesn’t like to be alone. Until she finds a replacement, I think, he’s around.”



  • Mark

    Until she finds a replacement? She’s gotta be running out of white men by now… Casper might have to stay for the ride….Lol!

    • Get real!!!

      This is really ridiculous!!!!! Can’t you write something more realistic.

  • TruthSpeaks

    Jennifer from the Bronx but she needed to get use to being alone for goodness sake. This is something heard about her for years she can’t live without a man periodly. She grew up in the same neighborhood as a friend of mine from the Bronx so I’m not surprised by her temper/attitude she always been that way. When you see celebs smile in front of camera you got to remember they got a whole bunch of people working for them behind the scene to keep up that fake image of them the world see. Celebs are just like us they’re not so perfect they’re humans for goodness sake. Jennifer have lawyers who would make sure Casper don’t write a book about her that is if he sign a contract not to. Her first husband tried that and she put a stop to it, so what is she hiding/? Don’t wanted the public and fans to know the real Jennifer Lopez.

  • Beatrice Harvey

    Until she finds a replacement? But is she really gonna let him go? that’s the real question! She’s the type of person that don’t like to be alone, so he will be around for a while at least ’til the tour is over. Then she will send him packing. I knew this kind of thing was going to happen, she’s been warned so many times about this loser it isn’t funny. Her family is even skeptical about him. He’s not to be trusted, especially around her kids, they don’t need to be around a pervert like that! He is a snake, and not to take your eyes off of him for a second. She better protect her assets and her kids or else things are gonna get ugly!

  • c'ya

    LOL… i can’t believe people actually believe this crap. Where do they get these people whose job it is to lose sleep at night just to think up rubbish to print. Adam, how long did it take you to make that one up? Maybe you are getting paid by the comments so anything goes to get a reaction. Great!