Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Meet Soon

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

ROBERT Pattinson is gearing up to meet with Kristen Stewart.

The actor, 26, was left heartbroken last month when his  girlfriend admitted to cheating on him with married director Rupert Sanders.

But friends say he now believes her infidelity was just a “moment of stupidity” and he keen for a face-to-face meeting to try and repair their three-year relationship following an “emotional” telephone call.

“They talked [on the phone] for about an hour – it was very emotional,” a source said.

“Kristen begged to meet face-to-face so they could talk. It was obvious she was getting through to Rob and he has agreed to see her.

“Even though she made a horrendous mistake, Rob can’t just switch off his feelings. He was madly in love with her and I think believes that it was a moment of stupidity, not a long, drawn-out affair and it’d never happen again.

“In Rob’s eyes, Kristen was seduced and she’s clearly not just sorry but completely destroyed by what she’s done.

“If Rob decides to take her back, he’ll have some ground rules.

“Kristen would have to spend more time in his hometown of London. He also would want them to adopt the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt way of working — where they take it in turns to do a film so they can be around for time together.”



  • Shawn

    I seriously hope they get back together, there obviously in love with each other, yes Kristen messed up, but I think she was more of a victim in this situation because Rupert is a grown man , she still just a kid.

  • tori

    Look I have wittness ppl like this my whole life,hes a predator,believe me when I say hes a pedofile luring kids in his car with the hopes of getting some Candy.Kristen took the blame for everything that happen and his wife blamed Kristen totally, she did this because it was her way of justifling taking his ass back He’s over the hill, he knew exactly what he was doing, Kristen is still growing up and it’s unfortunent that Kristen had to learn a hard lesson from this,I guess better sooner than later. Did you see the grey hair growing out of his nose, dude go pluck that shit,it’s long enough to almost braid,ugk..You can bet you bottom dollar Kristen wasn’t the first and by all means won’t be the last. I went back and looked at all the pics of the the cast promoting the premire of Snowwhite and in all the pictures you can see in Kristens’ eyes she can barely tollerate that dude and he was on her flank trying constantly to grope her 24/7, you can even see her trying despertly to avoid him by leaning on the other castmates to get away from him you can see it in her eyes.Go and look at the pictures yourself,it’s so obvious, Hm interesting and where was his wife during the promotion of Snowwhite, I’lltell you where she was pissed off and furious, because she knew what was up. In all the pics it was him chasing Kristen at meal times and God only knows the excuses he made up after a hards days work to leave his wife in the apartment to do this or that in hopes to track Kristen down and molest her. He needs to pack his shit and go back to the UK we don’t need his kind here in the USA giving bad names to those here trying to do a movie without hidden adgendas I am sure Kristen didn’t know what to do.There is no amount of age maturity or experience to prepare a person for ppl like his kind.He’s a stalker a sex offender a predator of the worst kind.His wife truley needs to keep a close eye on him specially around the babysitters,this isn’t his first time and won’t be his last,you can take that to the bank.The only thing this dude has learned is to be a bit more sly with his next victim.Yep! he’s a Wolf in Sheeps clothing, and his wife needs to reconize,he’s to blame.I mean come on she was in the movie as Kristens mother,I am sure Kristen wasn’t the one making a move on him, especially with his wife there,I mean 2+2=4.Use your head people.!!!!

    • Maria Martinez

      That is so true I agree.

  • Sandra Gonçalves

    I do hope they get together and talk.Kristen needs him,speciallynow after her parents´split…..she must be devastated…I got to know,Rob´s best friend isn´t going to TIFF anymore and she was counting on him to help her mend things…it seems the whole world has turned against this poor lilttle soul.I still like her the same way I used to and I like Rob,but most of all I do love what they represented together.She made a mistake, she broke his trust but this can be gained back,too.If Rob allows himself to listen to her and put his pride aside, everything can be fixed.You both need some time together,talk alot abou it, listen to each other and most of all, if you still believe whatyou had together was special,why not give it a second try? I´m really sure Kristen had no idea her actions would cause so many negative repercussions.Now she´s aware of that and she is aware that you,Rob value loyalty and honesty more than anything.You still love each other, and I think your love deserves a second chance.Don´t listen to what people say about “once a cheater always a cheater”! or things like that.NOW she knows what it feels like no to have you and she´s never needed you more than now!!! PEople DO CHANGE when they eally want to .Life does that to us .She´sbeen having one of those tiny broken pieces of life we have to step on.Don´t let her do this alone, Rob.Who knows if that might be you case in the future?

  • Maria Martinez

    Please Robert be a gentle men take her back I agree on the ground rules.Its up to you to make ur decision.Please tell ur cast friends to be nice and sincere to her I apologize to wht I said of ur sisters.I just dnt like nobody picking on Kristen shes my favorite actress.