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Gabby Douglas: Nose Job Taunts Almost Made Olympic Superstar Want to Quit Gymnastics

Posted by Adam

OLYMPIC star Gabby Douglas has revealed she almost quit gymnastics two years ago because staff at her former gym told her to get a nose job.

The gymnast says she nearly quit in 2010 because she was so unhappy with her former gym where staff told her to alter her appearance because her hooter was too flat.

From the age of six until two years ago Gabby trained at the Excalibur gym near her home in Virginia Beach, Virginia but switched to a rival establishment in Iowa in 2010.

Gabby recently claimed that at Excalibur she was subjected to racist abuse and that one girl there called her a “slave”.

Revealing another incident of bullying, she said that it started when somebody else apparently stole her clothes which she left by her locker as she was in rush.

“‘You don’t actually take by mistake someone’s clothes,” she saud, adding that the others then started laughing at her.

When Gabby was told by a staff member to think about a nose job she found it “very hurtful”, not least as other gymnasts had already mocked her appearance.

She lost faith in her coach. Things came to a head in 2010 when Gabby told her mother: “I’ve got to get a coach I can believe in, and who believes in me”.

Then she delivered her ultimatum: “If I don’t change coaches, I’m quitting.”

Recent reports claimed Douglas’ family is at war over the millions of dollars she stands to earn.

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, the resentment centers on lucrative endorse­ment deals that are expected to bring in $10 million over the next few years and upward of $100 million over Olympic star Gabby’s lifetime.

“Both sides of Gabby’s family are jockeying to be in good standing with the goose that laid the golden egg,” a source said.

“Meanwhile, poor Gabby is caught in the middle.

“Gabby’s dad took relatives to London to see her compete, but she didn’t have tickets to get them into the events. They had to watch a lot of her competitions on TV monitors outside.”


  • Cali Girl

    It seems Gabby is being forced to grow up quickly and learn
    grace in the limelight; and in the process learn that money can make people
    crazy. If her parents don’t take the
    responsibility to pay the debts they have incurred supporting her dream, it is
    only right that she does. I hope she is
    getting good advice to thank graciously those who have supported her and
    refrain from speaking of those who have detracted (the media are like vultures,
    devouring any negative comments). She
    also needs to pay any monetary debts incurred; whether it is money her parents
    owe, money either gym gave or loaned for training or competition, and any
    living expenses incurred by her host family.
    Now she has the means, these debts ought to be paid. After that, she will hopefully have enough
    money left to pay her way, save for the future, live debt free, and still
    indulge a little bit. She is darling and
    has worked hard! She seems too strong to let a stupid comment get in her way.