Kate Middleton Supports Prince Harry!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

KATE Middleton is a supportive sister-in-law.

The British brunette — who’s married to Prince William — has vowed to help Prince Harry through his naked photo scandal.

“William called Harry straight away and gave him a bit of a telling off. But Kate pointed out he had already been through the ringer and deserved their sympathy.

“She’s promised to support him as much as possible and offered to help him come up with a recovery plan to get his public image back on track.”

Harry is said to be focused on getting back to work as an army helicopter pilot, even though he expects to be mocked by his pals.

“I think he’ll be glad to be around his army mates, as though they’re bound to give him a ribbing over his antics, they’ll also understand that getting naked and larking about is just laddish behavior,” said the source.

Meanwhile, sources say William and Kate don’t have a housekeeper, chef or stylist — and Middleton enjoys fulfilling her role as an officer’s wife.

“Kate makes recipes learned from her mother,” a source said.

“She brings a sense of ordinariness that William has always craved.”


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