Demi Lovato Regrets Tattoos

Thursday, September 6, 2012

DEMI Lovato wishes she never had her 12 tattoos.

The 20-year-old star admits she has considered having her body art removed by laser but has decided not to worry too much about them until she is much older.

“I’ve thought about it before because, you know, when I get older I don’t know if I want to have rock and roll on my middle finger,” she said.

“I’m young and I can rock it now and when I get older I can worry about it later.

“It was just a spur of the moment, stupid decision.”

In late 2010, the  X Factor judge checked into rehab to be treated for an eating disorder and self-harm issues and she admits it was a “relief” to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder as it meant she wasn’t “crazy”.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that means I’m not really crazy, there’s a reason’,” she said.

“And it was just so awesome to be able to pinpoint a diagnosis for the reasons why I was extremely happy and in, like, a euphoric state, and the next month I was in, like, a deep depression.

“I had everything great in my life I had nothing to complain about but I wasn’t happy.

“I got into a situation in a different country when I actually ended up hitting one of my friends. I was just going through something so dark and I was very, very mentally sick.

“So, you know, when I ended after leaving the tour my parents had planned an intervention.”