Prince Harry Hates Being a Royal!

Friday, September 7, 2012

PRINCE Harry wants to leave the Royal Family.

The ginger prince — who was recently caught in a cocaine, hooker and sex tape scandal — has told his Grandma, Queen Elizabeth, that he wants a normal life.

“I just want to party and be a normal guy,” he reportedly told the British Monarch, according to America’s Globe magazine.

Meanwhile, Harry has been told by the Palace he has nothing to be ashamed of.

“He didn’t do anything unlawful,” an insider told People magazine.

“What he did was entirely his own business.”

“Harry is a big boy now,” says Dai Davies, former head of royal protection services. “He knows the rules, but he thinks, I’m going to do whatever I want.”


  • Persian Shah

    i think he should let me be a prince and demote himself to a refuse collecter hope thats normal for him!!! :Q Why cant the royal family get thier come uppance i hate them sooo much make me seeth with anger!