Kristen Stewart: Comfort in Teddies!

Friday, September 7, 2012

KRISTEN Stewart has been sleeping with Robert Pattinson‘s teddy bear.

According to RadarOnline, the actress — who’s in Toronto promoting her new movie On The Road — has taken a collection of stuffed animals that former boyfriend her along for the journey.

Kristen is cuddling up to the plush toys for security and comfort – and hopes they’ll help her get over any nerves she has about appearing in public.

“Kristen is latching on to all the things that she associates with Robert and now she can’t be without her stuffed animals,” a source revealed.

“Over the years, Robert, who was a hopeless romantic, bought Kristen plushies whenever he saw one he thought she would love.

“She is obsessed with them and has them scattered all over her bed; they’re a sweet reminder of how he cared for her.

“But now, as they’re no longer together, they’ve become more of a security blanket for Kristen, so she took a collection of her favorite teddy bears with her to Toronto.

“She’s missing Robert a lot, and she’s clinging on to her stuffed animals for comfort; Kristen is petrified about facing the public.”[imagebrowser id=255]


  • Toby

    C’mon Rob. it’s gone on long enough!
    Pleeeeeeeeze give her a second chance, we all deserve one when wer’e young.
    This Teddy Bear stuff, is making me feel sad….

    • jilly

      It’s gonna be okay Toby! Maybe this will teach them both. If you cheat, at least cheat with someone that you might want to be with and not a married asshole. Now they’re both alone, actually the four of them. Now I’m sad…

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps he realized she is an atrocious actress? Anyway, why is anyone (like me) paying attention to this?

  • screwthecunt

    You are both gay.

  • You Suck Pattinsons Balls

    Jesus, did you graduate? “stuffed animals that former boyfriend her along for the journey.” WTF?

    • yanira641

      Seriously I had to read it a couple times!

  • Michelle Pine

    I don’t like her. She’s only sorry because she got caught. Rob could be better.

  • Michelle Pine

    and yes, she is a dreadful actress. It was the hype of Twilight that got her the big jobs…but’s she’s garbage.

    • Sheer

      People, forgive Michelle, she hallucinates expertise and isn’t aware she dug her opinion out of a dumpster.

  • andrea

    I think he can do a lot better she has absolutley no personality

  • slappy

    too bad she was latching on to another guy’s dick

    • Sheer

      Actually, the other guy was doing the latching , that is obvious.

  • BeccaBlast

    Kristen Stewart is a sweet heart and a good role model

  • John Black

    People mess up. They make mistakes and Kriston Stewart is no different she dezervers a second chance.

  • Get A Freakin Grip Already!

    Most of you people are way too damn self righteous and just plain evil. To bein judgment of a young woman. For Christ sake she’s a 22year old kid. Clearly you all don’t have a life or much faith in people owning up to their mistakes and is trying to put it behind them with as much dignity they have left. Get a grip on your own rotten, miserable lives people. I think Kristen is a good actress. Because if she wasn’t, Forbes wouldn’t have put her as the highest paid actress. So suck it haters. If she sticks to her career and stays true to herself, Kristen Stewart will be alright. So just get the hell off of her back assholes.

    • am

      I guess your a ho too she is one of the worst actresses ever

    • Relationship Reality Check

      When I was 16, I had better judgement than your or this young woman. It’s simple. Don’t cheat. There’s no excuse for it. If you don’t love the person you’re with, tell him or her and move on. It’s a lot less cruel than snapping Robert Patterson in half by riding some married guy with two kids and old enough to be Kristine’s father.

      I understand she made a mistake. She wasn’t mature enough to handle a serious relationship or use good judgement before breaking up someone else’s marriage. There’s still no excuse for what she did.

      Don’t worry. Pretty soon this story will jump the shark and everyone (especially Robert Patterson) can get on with their lives.

      • Relationship Reality Check

        Rupert Sanders is a real scumbag. He keeps throwing away great women any real man would love forever just so he can get a newer, younger model to bang. He gives guys a rotten reputation and makes things much harder for all of us.

  • Sheer

    Lmao at this made up story…can’t believe people get paid to publish such garbage

  • wicketzz

    Ya every one she is da bomb
    Actris and shes stll a little gorl fuck
    Her a chance to grow up shes a beautifull
    Girl and she deservs at least 2 more chanses
    Noone is perfect…

  • Dumbass chick

    She’s a idiot and a horrible actress. Just happened to get popular with this movie which makes her marketable but definately not talented.

  • melissa

    Hi kristen stewert I wathed twilight 500 times you are awsome

  • Jill Pantozzi

    Kristen Stewart is an innocent sweetie. She’s an amazing actress. Rupert Sanders is a creep who abused his power. Stockholm syndrome.

    • guest

      Do you even know what the symptom is about? It has nothing to do with what Kristen did.

  • Sheer

    Sanders took advantage of her young mind, sad to see her publicly shamed and assasinated while he seems to roam unscathed. He was the one that was married and has kids!!! WTF was he thinking??

    • guest

      WTF was SHE thinking? He’s married she should’ve known better.

      • Sheer

        Yeah HES married and olderand has kids HE should have kept his hands to himself!

  • Lystra Alkins

    Listen up ladies! aren’t we allowed to make one mistake. The only being who is infallable is God. That’s right! He is the only one who makes no mistakes. so just shut your beaks up. Just give them a break and let them work things out by themselves. Karamba!