Kanye West ‘Watched Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape’

Monday, September 10, 2012

KANYE West used to watch Kim Kardashian‘s sex tape when he was banging other women, it has been claimed.

According to TMZ, the rapper used the tape — in which Kim was making love with then beau Ray J — to get him in the mood, and it always worked.

“Kim has had a thing for Kim dating back several years and even tried to get her to break up with Reggie Bush in 2009 so they could get together,” a source said.

“He loves the sex tape … he even raps about it on his upcoming album.”

Meanwhile, Kim has quit Botox — thanks to the influence of Kanye.

The reality star no longer has the wrinkle-defying jabs after Kanye — whose mom, Donda West, died of complications brought on by heart disease from a cosmetic surgical procedure in 2007 — persuaded her to go au naturel.

“Kim quit Botox six months ago,” a source said.

“She realized she’s still young enough that she doesn’t need it… Now that she’s spending more time with Kanye, Kim realizes she got caught up in a very Hollywood approach to beauty.”

Meanwhile, Kim desperately wants to have a baby with Kanye.

Sources say the 31-year-old reality star hopes to start a family with her rapper boyfriend since her lengthy divorce proceedings from Kris Humphries are preventing the pair from getting married and she wants to show Kanye how “serious” she is about their relationship.

“Kim and Kanye are serious — they want to get married as soon as possible,” a source said.

“But Kim figures that if Kris is going to drag their divorce on for as long as possible, then she’ll put her wedding plans on hold and concentrate on stating a family with Kanye first.

“Kim has had her heart set on having a baby for a while now.

“Watching her sister Kourtney have a girl recently has confirmed it even more, but above all she wants to show Kanye how serious she is about them spending the rest of their lives together, which had been proving difficult with all the noise Kris has been making about their divorce.”

“The truth is that Kim and Kanye have known each other for a long time and first met over 10 years ago, so it’s not a rush decision for her at all.

“She thinks Kanye has everything; he’s incredibly rich, talented, and good-looking.

“She knows her baby will be taken care of and loves the ideas that they would be first-time parents together.

“Kim can’t help but think how a baby could cement her and Kanye’s ‘brand’.

“But most of all it would mean she had a family, finally after all her heartbreak over the last year.”[imagebrowser id=1123]



  • r____

    “Kim can’t help but think how a baby could cement her and Kanye’s ‘brand’.
    What? This pending union is about a M&A? No wonder she just went to Wall Street recently to pitch her brand. What’s name of their new brand? KK_K? Or K_KW?

  • jilly

    He’s beginning to sound like a pervert! Who does that???

  • Mili

    Stupid girl! Never tell a man that you want to married. Only man tells the women if he wants to marry. If women tells its not good actually, of course she wants to tell start a family. But how she would kw if his a good father, look at Kanye face he only kw how to drink n flirts other women. If she marry him, Kanye will divorce her a leave his child to Kim.