Julia Roberts Gives $500 to Delivery Driver

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

JULIA Roberts is one generous lady!

The actress apparently gave her delivery guy $500 to fix his air conditioning.

“Julia always tips her delivery guy $100 but when he showed up at her house dripping with sweat, she asked if he was ill. The guy apologized and told Julia he’d been sweating because the air conditioning in his car had been broken for days,” a source said.

“Julia nodded, took her produce and handed the guy his tip, a check for $500, telling him ‘now get your air conditioning fixed, it’s on me.’”

Recent reports claimed Julia is planning to quit Hollywood to run a sustainable farm in Hawaii.

At her eco-mansion in Malibu, the actress, 43, raises chickens and goats, using the eggs and milk to feed her family. She also grows organic lettuce, celery, squash and tomatoes, and has fig, lemon, peach, avocado and orange trees on her property.

“Julia has been into healthy eat­ing for some time, but she got even more interested in it after deciding to lose the 10 pounds she gained while playing the Evil Queen in Mirror, Mirror,” a source said.

“Julia became really fanatical about the food her family was eating — every­thing had to be organic or home­grown if possible.

“She’s even considering mov­ing to Hawaii, where her family vacations every year, so they can live off the land, bask in the sun and surf 365 days a year.

“She’s turning into a real hippie. She really believes she’s much happier and healthier living down on the farm.”