Kim Kardashian Leaving Los Angeles For 3 Months!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

KIM Kardashian is waving goodbye to Los Angeles — but only for three months.

The reality star is heading for a secret location and admits packing her suitcases for the trip was very hard as she didn’t know what to take with her.

“Packing for 3 months is so hard! But I did it and I’m off!!! I’m gonna miss you LA,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Can’t say yet but it will be revealed during our season finale. But were soooo excited!!! (sic)”

Meanwhile, Kim can’t understand why the world doesn’t like her.

The reality star — who’s currently dating rapper Kanye West — has been criticized by a host of well-known people including James Bond actor Daniel Craig, who branded her and her family “idiots”, but she has “no idea” why people hate her.

“I have no idea why (people hate me). I work really hard. I’m constantly on the go,” she said. “I have a successful clothing line. A fragrance. I mean, acting and singing aren’t the only ways to be talented.

“It’s a skill to get people to really like you, instead of a character written for you by somebody else.”


  • Noaf Z

    I will tell you why I don’t like her. I am Old school, and I believe that a goodwoman is a woman who respects herself and doesnt use her body, or at least only her looks and sluttiness, to become famous. My examples of great women are Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson, Katherine Heigl… etc. Kimberly used Paris Hilton to gain publicity and a sex tape to gain even more publicity. She is all about making money and she will “work” whatever it takes to accomplish it, even though she looks, talks and acts like a complete dumbass, and I will never let my children watch such a pathetic excuse for a woman. Kourtney and Khloe, on the other hand are awesome and I really like them both, and wish them the best.