Tara Reid: Motorcycle Accident in St Tropez — Because She’s Blind Drunk: REPORT

Thursday, September 13, 2012

THINGS aren’t looking good for Tara Reid.

According to TMZ, the actress was a “drunken mess” in St. Tropez this past weekend. She was seen sloppily stumbling into a parked motorcycle, sending the bike and herself crashing to the ground.

In footage obtained by the site, Reed is seen sprawled out on the ground next to the bike while her drunken female friend is slumped across the top of the downed vehicle.

Several people try to help Reid off the ground, but she struggles to pick herself up.

Once the two women get on their feet, both drunkenly sway back and forth in what seems like an epic battle to stand still and compose themselves, says TMZ. Eventually, the two women wobble over to a nearby yacht … and board the vessel like they had been there before.

Rehab has previously completed a 60-day stint at the famous Promises Treatment Facility in Malibu back in 2009.