Monica Lewinsky Writing Tell-All Book

Saturday, September 15, 2012

MONICA Lewinsky is reportedly shopping a tell-all book!

Monica — who ignited the 1998 Bill Clinton scandal — is said to be confabbing with top publishers who have all been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements to even sit down with the former White House intern.

“I’m sure every major publisher was interested in hearing what she had to say,” a source said.

Lewinsky has given interviews in the past, but kept a very low profile since departing New York for the London School of Economics in 2005.

Lewinsky’s rep declined to elaborate to the Post what the exact nature of the book is.

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  • Jewell Broussard

    Kristen is clinging onto the belief that Robert will eventually forgive
    her for the cheating scandal and they will get back together,” a source

  • meangene

    Monica, why did you wait until after the election before telling us what an immature creep Bill Clinton is? I am sick of his commercials supporting Obama. Expose the clown for what he is: an adulterer, fornicator, perjurer, fraud and impeached President who had his law license taken away.