Kate Middleton: Topless Closer Magazine Photos Won’t Ruin Her Life — Because of Husband Prince William

Saturday, September 15, 2012

PRINCE William has vowed Kate Middleton won’t have to suffer the same press intrusion as his late mother did.

The Duke of Cambridge was left furious after pictures of his sexy wife sunbathing topless while holidaying in a private chateau in France were published in French magazine Closer and he now wants to do all he can to protect Catherine’s privacy.

Those close to him say he doesn’t want Kate to be followed by photographers everywhere she goes like Princess Diana was, as he believes the paparazzi contributed to her death in a Paris car crash in 1997.

“He lost his mother to the foreign photographers, he will do absolutely everything in his power to prevent the same thing happening to Kate,” said Vivienne Parry – a close friend of Diana’s.

“Don’t imagine for a minute that William, who puts a huge amount of effort into protecting Kate, will take this lying down. He made sure she was surrounded with a great team and they had time alone together in Anglesey to help her adapt to the storm ahead.

“And now here is a magazine, owned by that ‘bunga-bunga’ sleazeball Silvio Berlusconi piercing the heart of the citadel he has erected to protect his wife. There might have been a time when photographers could get away with pictures of the royal family because they never took legal action, but William is different. He will protect Kate. It is his duty above all to her but also to the memory of his mother.”

Meanwhile, William made the decision to sue French Closer.

“By setting a precedent and suing Closer, Prince William is making a stand for the future,” a source revealed.

“He told Kate that enough was enough, especially after what happened recently with Harry, and that he had to protect his wife and any kids they have in the future.

“He grew up in the media glare with his mom, Diana, and is well aware that he has to do something to ensure the Duchess of Cambridge’s security and right to privacy.

“But they’re in two camps over this. Kate didn’t want William to go nuts over the topless photos. She said she didn’t mind turning a blind eye to them because they will soon be forgotten about.

“However, William wants to go after Closer and put an end to press invasion once and for all.”

The statement released by the Palace said “legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France” by the royal couple, describing the publication of the pictures as “grotesque and totally unjustifiable.”

Closer published the photos of Kate without her bikini top, which were taken while they were sunbathing around the swimming pool of Château d’Autet, the private residence of the Queen’s nephew Viscount Linley in Luberon, France.

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  • http://twitter.com/Jenks6 Jenks

    Well done. You’ve sunk as low as Closer.

  • Melanie

    Thanks for posting these.

  • John

    Not even good photos, you just try to lower the tone of our British royals, you failed.

  • vico

    Should not put in Google, ans should be taking off internet.

  • Toodie

    Well, leave it to the French again. The French paparazzi killed Williams mother with
    their endless pursuit and now they are targeting his wife.

  • Jane

    What they should wonder is- who told the pres they were there? Obviously someone close to them who knew their plans

  • chona

    Why is hubby lubing her ass with sun block if she is just going to put her bikini bottom back on? Also notice her intrepid poise with hair flowing in the wind as she exits the house onto the veranda. Makes one wonder why-since every step a royal takes is done strategically then by nature even if on vacation this act of her lends itself more towards revealing her intent to stage this event else she would have tied it in a ponytail in her bedroom before leaving.

    Make no mistake this whole event was engineered by William and harry on his end to set this up as revenge to smear the Royals for what they blame happen to their mom.

    I would imagine William made this pact with Kate in a verbal pre nupt never to see the light of day.

    Dual benefit to kate is it puts her in the forefront where she naturally belongs but only by emasculating the primitive customs of Buckingham could her and her husband live a truly ever lasting peace. It’s Darwinian adaptation that this should have occurred.

  • ash

    French paparazzi is not to be blamed, why do people buy this stuff and magazines, why?? If they loved Diana, they would have never bought all this stuff and the people are doing the same again. The paparazzi are simply responding to the demand of the people, who seem to have nothing better to do but read up on useless stuff about celebrity etc.

  • Anonymous

    Nobody notices that on “Picture 7 of 10″ his left upper arm is reaching in front of her shoulder into the front of her body (look at her shoulder)…. yet at the same time his left hand reaches across her back and is on her butt??? Not possible.

    Doctored photos obviously… I wonder what is real

  • Anonymous

    Luckily these photos have already made it to the internet:


  • AlliesGranny

    Agreed! Such an eye you have! IFit was real his left arm is certainly
    L O N G!

  • rapido

    why dont all you shit newspapers leave the royals alone,i really hope they make you pay dearly for puplishing this crap

  • Robert

    Them some mad titties I can cum too!!!

    Seriously, they’re going to be photoraped whether they like it or not!!!

    They were born into such a family and such is life!!!!!