Justin Bieber Crotch Pic Causes Fan Excitement on Twitter (PHOTO)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

JUSTIN Bieber wants to be a bad ass.

The teen singer was spotted grabbing his crotch in a picture posted on Twitter earlier in the weekend.

Meanwhile, Bieber and Selena Gomez are building a house together!

The singers recently purchased a huge plot of land near Los Angeles where they will build their new love nest.

“Justin and Selena are building a massive home together in Tarzana,” a source said. “It’s just a dirt lot right now with some pipes, but it has a gorgeous panoramic view of the San Fernando Valley.”

Selena’s mom lives in the surrounding Woodland Hills area and both Justin and Selena spend most of their free time in The Valley.
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  • Christina

    So sexy!

  • JJ

    He is so ugly. You will think so too in a few years. His personality says it all.

  • pc

    Probably just checking to see if his balls have dropped yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sandie-Eddlemon/1487246279 Sandie Eddlemon

    he is just a kid coming into his own. i can’t believe the grown men that crack one liners at him. it says alot about you as “men”…. cough…. cough…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/monica.lewis.3139 Monica Lewis

    why does he grab his crotch so much?? when he was on the Letterman show he kept grabbing it during his performance. Is he trying to be like Michael Jackson?

  • Anonymous

    He has found his special toy.

  • Sweetone96

    Justin Bieber is 18 years old now and starting to become an adult. I don’t think people should be judging him, he is a normal human being and doesn’t need people to put all the pressure on him about being a perfect role model. Yes he may have young fans but that doesn’t mean he can’t be himself and express himself the ways he wants to. People need to judge his good music as a successful music artist and not by his actions just let him live his life like “you people live yours”

  • Sweetone96

    And I forgot to say he is one handsome man!! ;)

  • truth

    To me it looks like he pee’d his pants.

  • Meh

    What’s he doing? Checking to make show his tampon is fitting alright?

  • Meh

    As I said before “Probably just checking to make sure his tampon didn’t fall out!”