John Travolta at Savages Photocall in Paris: Pictures

Sunday, September 16, 2012

JOHN Travolta was on form at the Paris photocall for his new movie, Savages, at the Four Seasons Hotel Friday night. [imagebrowser id=1127]

Meanwhile, Travolta’s alleged former lover says he feels bad for the actor’s wife, Kelly Preston.

Doug Gotterba — who claims he had a six year relationship with the Grease star — told RadarOnline that he enjoyed several exotic trips with John as his private pilot.

Doug also detailed John’s insatiable sexual appetite and how John felt about being married.

“I feel bad for Kelly,” Doug said. “She’s obviously in the middle of it.”

When asked whether Kelly was aware of his relationship with John, Doug asked, “How can you not be aware of it?”

Doug said his relationship with John fizzled in 1986 and the next time he saw the Pulp Fiction star was in 1992; he says he asked him whether or not marriage had changed him, sexually.

“I just said, ‘So John tell me, do you still prefer men or women now that you’re married?’” he said.

“And he answered me, ‘Well, Doug, I still prefer men.’ And I said, ‘Okay.’”

Doug said John wanted to make a sex tape with him.

“He wanted to film it, and I said no,” Doug said.

“I told him that he was oversexed.

“He wanted it too much.”