Kate Middleton: CHI Topless Photos Cause Even More Controversy — In Italy This Time (SEE ALL OF THE PICTURES HERE)

Thursday, September 13, 2012

KATE Middleton‘s breasts are quickly becoming the most-famous pair of bosoms in the world!

The British royal’s topless pictures — first published in France’s Closer magazine — have appeared on the front cover of Italian magazine CHI.

The Italian magazine which plans to publish more topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge has some 200 images of the future queen sunbathing naked, it has emerged.

Chi announced it is preparing a 26-page special edition tomorrow featuring 50 intimate photographs of Kate Middleton on holiday in France.

The Chi cover, featuring three pictures of a topless princess, was unveiled Saturday in Italian newspapers and television under the headline ‘Court Scandal: The Queen is Nude!’

The defiant editor of Chi has Tweeted that “not even a direct call from the Queen” would stop him from publishing the pictures.

Former Latin teacher-turned-editor Alfonso Signorini, 48, posted the message online after being posed the question by one of his followers on Twitter.

“I am convinced by this scoop that Chi will be publishing on Monday because that is what we are talking about,” he said. “These pictures are not offensive or in poor taste, they are not morbid and they do not damage the dignity of anyone.

“Instead the pictures that were published in Britain of Prince Harry were exactly that — if I didn’t recognise the journalistic value of what I had then if I did not publish them I would be better off in a market selling artichokes.

“These pictures were taken while the couple were on a terrace and they were taken from a public place so there is no suggestion of an invasion of privacy.”

Meanwhile, William has vowed to see the people responsible for taking topless pictures of his wife put behind bars.

The heir to the to the throne has even told his confidantes that he is willing to give evidence in court to help seek justice for the future Queen.

William has told pals that he will not just pursue Closer magazine in the French civil courts but will also pursue criminal action.

“I want them jailed,” William told pals.

The royal couple is currently in the middle of a nine-day Far East tour to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

“They will take any action they can within the law to seek redress,” William’s spokesman said. “They’ve been clear that they will not allow this to intrude on their enjoyment of the tour, or more importantly their work on behalf of the Queen.

“The couple always felt very strongly about privacy and harassment. It’s part of a very long-standing and heartfelt position by the Duke and Prince Harry, given their past, to do everything they can to protect themselves.”[imagebrowser id=1125]


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  • Unknown

    To be honest what is the big deal about this? She’s a genuine person like everyone else, so why shouldn’t she be allowed to ‘sun bathe’. Personally I don’t see why her privacy should be invaded!

    • http://www.facebook.com/mark.kane3 Mark Kane

      Are you an idiot…..how can you expect privacy when your in public view.

      • JJ4


  • Bono

    Let see the pictures. How silly of the Royals as one only needs to go to the Riviera and see topless. All women have breasts so chill out.

    • mfb

      You miss the points. It’s not about breasts. It’s about invasion of privacy. It’s a raw subject after the phone hacking by tabloid newspapers of parents whose children had been murdered, and the kind of despicable paparazzi who hounded Princess Diana.

      • Mandy Montgom

        mfb It WOULD be about invasion of privacy IF Kate had not secretly agreed to be ‘caught off guard’ and this was not staged. It’s just another Fergy issue. Same old staging of pics but different double life sluts.

      • Makavelli

        The British people pay welfare to that family so they are not entitled to privacy

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Don-Smith/1001371453 Don Smith

        They welcome the paparazzi when it suit them – Even this
        mountain:-) out of a mole hill, could just be another palace PR stunt. They want to take the heat off dirty Harry.

      • Guest

        Of course they welcome the paps when they are dedicating a museum or visiting a children’s hospice wing, but not on a PRIVATE vacation, where the world was NOT invited! ….and again (I have mentioned this already), they certainly did not expect someone to be lurking near the property with telephoto lenses hoping to catch them doing something that will make said pap money! Its a despicable thing that was done to them…..

    • Mandy Montgom

      This is just another female slut in the Royal Family and God knows we have supported MANY of them – all deviant and all who escape justice because of idiots like you Bono who like them have no morals, no ethics – and are sexually deviant as well. I mean for God’s sake LOOK at her. What attracts the public is youth. Take a real good look. Tell me one nice attractive thing about her/ Just another Palace Whore. Her actions were intentional. Anyone else would be ostracized. She obviously has no scruples. They run around fucking and drinking and we have to pay with what freedom we have. Piss off dickhead.

      • http://twitter.com/philswolf philippe schaffter

        you shouldn’t write when drunk, Mandy – it just shows how vulgar you can be…

      • Makavelli

        Agree I can see your frustration. The bad thing is the king had two daughters killed so there would be a male. So that tells me the royal bloodline isn’t even on track. Funny really but my point is the whole royal thing is something 8 year olds play. Not cool for grown working tax payers to pay some family to be born. Oh well not my money. But keep paying an illusion. I really hope though that they do know that there is no such thing as Royal. They are normal joes playing a childhood play write.

      • Guest

        Which “King” are you speaking of? George? Your comment makes no sense!! I’m pretty sure Margaret and Elizabeth are alive….so again….your comment makes no sense…

  • Robbiekaye

    Its not about the breasts – the girls on the Riviera CHOOSE to display themselves in public.This is about privacy.That act is no different than a pervert setting up cameras in a girls school or bathroom .Disgraceful.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YTJBHOOY7MGNNYQORCE6OW7O6U dm

      Couldn’t agree with you more!! Thanks for speaking out!!

      • Anonymous

        you are so gullible thinking of them as ‘special’, ‘royal’ people.
        How naive!

    • http://www.facebook.com/andre.michel.3386 André Michel

      Wow! Stop right there you moron! She is in a balcony, in the open air, in full sight of a road. This is not a girls’ school bathroom camera and it’s not about perversion… it’s about greed… making mony, moola, dinero, greens. got it! Because who they are, they have to be aware that photographers are on the prowl and will snap a picutre when opportunity strikes.

  • Mic

    What an idiot. Pulling down her bottom bikini for her hubby to put cream. Would you not inside rather than on a balcony lol. I don’t think many sensible people would. Maybe keep top on as well, considering you’re royalty.

    • no name

      She is sooooooooooooo sexy her nipple is so attractive

      • Lavinia

        Haven’t you notice Kate like Diana has an under-developed form? Diana actually had the build of a MALE.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, 100% correct!

      • Elmo

        You think Diana looked male you should see Camilla!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YTJBHOOY7MGNNYQORCE6OW7O6U dm

      Why don’t you learn proper grammar and construct sentences that make sense?

      • rosier

        How PETTY are you, you fool.

      • Anonymous

        what a stupid!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Don-Smith/1001371453 Don Smith

        Everyone can’t afford to go to Eton.

  • Concerned England friend

    not for anything, but girlfriend, are you stupid! YOu have enough money to go to a tanning bed! Yes in France they are crazy and love boobs, but dont be one and continue to make mistakes to embarace the royal family ….shame on you for not protecting yourself!,,,,you shouldnt trust anyone only your husband, and he is a boob too for not protecting u better……too young and stupid! Listen to the Queeennnnnnnnn…….

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YTJBHOOY7MGNNYQORCE6OW7O6U dm

      Why don’t you learn how to spell so you don’t “embarace” the royal family!! They did nothing wrong!! It was an invasion of privacy!!

      • Anonymous

        out of context, your ratings says a lot

      • Makavelli

        The so called royal family is nothing more than a glorified welfare family that have somehow managed to convince people to keep them up because they are royal. Do your research and you will see for yourself. A AKC registered poodle is more royal.

  • dkns

    se has too hot nipple i want to sucks her nipples..

    • Carlos

      At 800 metres I can rid the world of a wagging tongue. Remember my friend you can run but you can never hide

  • Anonymous

    mmmmmm so she has boobs? and nips? and a butt? who would have guessed!! And for the record I don’t get naked on my balcony or on my front porch. It’s my private property but I still don’t do it. I think the pervy old librarian across the street would snap some pics and put them on her facebook page. For all I know she is a raving lez.

  • dusgusted

    guess she is not pregnant then? good on you media scoundrels, can you not do anything right! Shame on you perverts!!!

  • http://twitter.com/freyagraf A.D.

    This couple is amazingly stupid, it’s like they never heard of power lenses when they know full well paps are lurking everywhere. They took a chance and got caught – tough t i t t i e s. Now stop whining about it.

    • Jo Baker

      AD THEY STAGED IT. UGLY OLD WHORE ANOTHER ONE. DO THEY REALLY THINK WE ARE THAT STUPID??? hard up for bucks mate. immoral and jsut another household slut like diana the muslim fucker margaret fergy the lot. all scammers and no brains deviant and donot expect to be held accountable.
      fuck em we are sick of hearing about the sluts.

      • Jo

        Wow, you are an angry, nasty piece of work are’nt you? How proud you must be of yourself. Yay I’m a internet troll and can be outlandish and swear and everything. Yay me I’m so clever and smart and free with my foul mouth.

        Its much nicer to be a decent human being you know? Why not give it a try. You never know, the next time you look in the mirror it might not look back at you so ugly and bitter.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Don-Smith/1001371453 Don Smith

        There are nicer tits in my garden – Blue and great and
        occasionally long-tailed.

      • http://www.facebook.com/nickatelle Hazel Stewart

        well said , coudn’t agree more.

      • Ken Salami

        well said..what an ignorant uneducated,racist and bitter person Jo Baker is. true everyone is making a big deal out of topless pics.but i am sure if Jo Baker’s mother’s breasts were were seen worldwide he would have a different opinion.

      • Mr Cronk

        You’re just an idiot

      • AbsFabs

        I think maybe you need psychiatric help & a lot more education. Seriously, to carry on the way you are I have genuine concerns about your mental stability.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ROXVEA4EXIHE3ZHNZXCTRS6AEY Brit50

        “Genuine” concerns. Your altruism is simply blinding….

      • Maverick66

        Jo Baker your an idiot, stage the same thing yourself with your body and have friends and family see you naked. Post one on-line and tell all on here where so we can see you, if you can’t then your all talk and no brains, lets see you be in the same place and feelings as Kate is – if you can post and prove they are photos of you, then you can say what you want and i will ask everyone on here to understand your views and views from someone that has a understanding about these things.
        Should the photos have been taken is the thing, a private time and place or not !

      • E.L

        Well said Maverick66. I find the best answer to ignorants is to ignore them totally and no the photos shouldn’t have been taken. EVERYONE, including royals should be allowed some privacy. Would this photographer have done the same to a member of his or her family? Doubt it, but maybe I’m wrong. A worm is a worm and that’s all there is to it .

      • http://twitter.com/MicRN Michele Clark

        we may need a psych referral here…such unhappiness!

      • Makavelli

        please for your health and the safety of the public. TAKE A XANEX!!!

      • Wheelusbaby415

        OMG, are you really that wicked? You can say anything you choose, but do yourself a favour and “just say no” to saying whatever pops into your dome! it makes you sound judgmental, nasty, pathetic, ignorant, etcetera etcetera etcetera!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/2FHJFSWQVVGVAE2WS5U2OFVKBE Bobby

        Skip the meds Jo? Or are you, as I suspect, a 13 year old boy with nothing better to do than troll around the web. Get away from your mom’s computer, and go do your homework.

      • Guest

        You are a foul, disgusting person….

      • Jose

        Excellent comment Jo. You are exactly right. Diana was a slut, fucking any decent looking young guy as long as he or his daddy was rich and would spend bucks on her. And how could she fuck a goddamned sand nigger? Absolutely disgusting. We also have Fergi, the slovenly fat slob and fugly ripoff artist and whore. Now we have Kate. Hardly a woman with her teenaged titties and boyish hips. Mark my words: After pumping out two or three kids, she’ll leave William with tens of millions of dollars and she’ll be fucking everything in sight just like Diana the raghead cum-gulper.

    • Mr Cronk

      You’re wrong, and an idiot

    • http://www.facebook.com/vallettacordinademedici Raimondo Valletta Cordina de’M

      Very well said and written that man…:O) , complimenti amico , and as i have always said and will continue to do so….people like them do not have privacy and never will , if they want their privacy , they should abdicate their social position and live normally like most people do in the world…..!!!! Live la dolce vita like we italians do…:O)

      • Anonymous

        Raymondo Valleta de’Mierda …is that your family name?

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/2FHJFSWQVVGVAE2WS5U2OFVKBE Bobby

        Diana did, in a sense, “abdicate” and they still hunted her. KM and the royals will never have any privacy because they’re ridiculously wealthy and objects of fascination. You’d think William would have had more sense than to let his wife walk around naked like that.

    • Anonymous

      SMALL breasts, soggy and boyish body, ARRRGH!

    • Elmo

      For your information lens like that aren’t commercially available, the camera was custom made for the sole purpose of violating their right to privacy. A truly dark object. And they were on PRIVATE PROPERTY! Anyone who thinks its their fault, shame on you. It was the asshole paparazzi’s fault, and you douchebags know it!

    • Purpleging


  • kaali

    what kind of prince & husband william you are??. shame on you to be prince….if it happens with me or with my family member ….we have already burned all the press and kill all the photographer and press member…. useless prince…coward…thinking about law and sueing the press…

  • Mandy

    Well, for a younger woman her boobs are kinda saggy, I don’t see the big deal lol

  • Marijke ten Bos

    Unelected spongers born to rule over us. That’s the problem.

  • Mishka

    This was staged

  • Anonymous

    her breasts are too small

    • Makavelli

      And definately not royal boobies

  • Mishka

    The reality is, that Kate Middleton had a moral and ethical responsibility to the public to NOT behave like this. She is immoral and unfit for her role in the Royal Family but it seems all the women that enter in are sexually and morally deviant. I noticed this before she married in. It’s the same as someone who has committed rape turning around and suing the victim. SHE committed this disgustingly pervert act and you can tell she is not ‘caught’ but consenting – and now she is trying to silence media. Go to hell. She is just another rag in a line of disturbed women (and men) who in fact LEAD A DOUBLE LIFE. Prance around pretending to be sweet and innocent when in fact she like the others is not. What happened about her and her mates running around in public with a gun? Obviously nothing. Anyone else would be jailed replica or real.
    Wake up public. Wake up. This family has no regard not even for its supporters It certainly does NOT have the right to [use taxpayers money at that] to silence the media and or the people and or democracy.
    How many evils does the Queen condone? Paedophile priests, stolen babies and the like?
    I for one will NOT be held to ransom over Kate Middleton’s immoral actions.
    Leave the media alone. Stay in your filthy palace.Keep leading your double lives.

    • Makavelli

      I love you.

  • Man with Cam

    She would have been told loads of times not to go topless, photographers are everywhere, becoming a royal makes you public property, if you not want your boobs in a mag keep your bra on… it’s a no brainer…. I seen the pics and they are no big deal…

    • Guest

      I disagree…these were OBVIOUSLY taken with a telephoto lens from a very far distance….I’m pretty sure she DID NOT sign up for guys hanging out of trees from a hundred yards away, sneaking photos of her in a private moment with her husband. There is a line….and those paps JUMPED over it! It’s especially disgusting that this happened to prince William, who lost his mother in perhaps the worst example of what the paps are capable of….it’s sad….

  • Andrew in SA

    If they are not in poor taste, morbid or offensive then why DID he publish them? These phoptos are a pure and simple invasion of privacy

  • http://www.wirenews.co/ WireNews+Co

    Actually, Kate chose to display them in public. Outside the house is not in private. In fact, if she went into the back or front garden of any home in the UK and took off her top and someone on the road was able to see her, as was the case here, then, if that person filed a complaint Kate could be prosecuted.

    • Guest

      How dense are you?? They were at a PRIVATE residence, supposedly completely secluded, except for the douche hanging out of the tree with his telephoto lens being a creepy peeping Tom! That is all this person was…not a photographer, a peeping Tom…hope he’s proud of himself!

      • http://www.wirenews.co/ WireNews+Co

        Tad slow are you? That was a month ago and hence not even news any longer. But since you brought it up; have you been to the house? I have. The road wraps around and is quite a bit closer nearer to the area where she was topless and so she was in public view and subject to a camera.

      • Guest

        So why the fuck are people talking about Diana still? Old news is no longer relevant? I think not…. Good for you that you supposedly went to the same spot, if it’s soo close to the street, and SO easily accessible, then why do the pics appear so grainy and far away? Hmmm….

      • http://www.wirenews.co/ WireNews+Co

        I’m not talking about her. She’s dead. Are you? There are more photos than the ones you’ve seen. Some are quite revealing and from quite close. Why do you think they went to court? Because of what you’ve seen? Please. Try public copulation.

  • John

    no big deal just small ones lol

    • Makavelli

      But these are “ROYAL” Boobies lol

  • Croatia

    This is only two humans which is exactly same as anyone else. Just idiots can see something different than just evolution product. Every summer I am surrounded with numbers of much better breasts and there is no problem. Only mentaly ill sufffer on sensations.

  • John

    Royal Scamily. Poncing around on the tax payer’s dime. Screw the robber baron frauds and the flag waving automotons who can’t see past it all.

  • grampaka

    a storm in a b cup

    • Funboy

      Very amusing but I think you are being generous (although obviously I get the point)!!!!!!!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Don-Smith/1001371453 Don Smith

      You are far too generous grampaka.

    • Memememe

      Hah that is NOT a B cup… that’s an A

      • LOL!

        More like A-

  • Doodlebugger

    It’s war I say.. Lets get the French, Italians and Irish republican editors/publishers and papparazi for taking pics of our future Queen’s paps and send them all to the tower. Off with their heads I say.

  • poptop

    I like Kate and royal but is not the time to say man and woman is ame when they can deside to be with top or with out ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.kane3 Mark Kane

    No shit……if she wants to get her titts out in puplic well…….tough titty.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mark.kane3 Mark Kane

    ………..oh and by the way……you should have no expectation of privary while your in puplic view……end ov……you want to get your titts out……do it behind closed doors, and curtains

    • http://www.facebook.com/joe.umiker Joe Umiker

      She was not in public view. The balcony was over a MILE a way from the public land. No way ANYBODY could see her or take those photos without using a super-telephoto lens.

  • luciondawn

    they were probably off coast on a boat and most of us know france has lots of nude beaches. it was her choice to remove her clothing. they both know they are in the spot light with no privacy they gave the right to privacy up long ago. I personally think she is ugly. She is way to skinny. She looks sickly. And since they have been married she has looked like crap. So I believe William may have some issues with making her act a certian way. She took her clothes off knowing she would probably been photographed so hopefully just because they are suppose to be so called royalty nothing should be done. They all know they are watched every second of everyday. So either she is just stupid or it was a stunt.

  • cheeky brk

    if these privileged royals want to enjoy the public view then they should behave and remember that news photographers will always try to get photos everywhere and anywhere. Thats the price of privilege and price of popularity. I feel sorry for her since she is not a royal, I blame the people who are supposed to teach the couple how to conduct themselves in Public places, remember Princess Diana.

  • J davies

    They were on private property over a mile from being seen by the naked
    eye. If you were passing the property you would not have been able to
    make out anything from that distance just by glancing.

    As soon as
    you use a camera to take an intrusive picture of a private moment
    without permission you become at first a peeping tom, which is illegal
    and second you break privacy laws.

    If she was able to be seen by
    the naked eye from the public road then fair enough she should have been
    warned by the protection staff but you need a long lens devise to be
    able to see anything and even that struggles to get a focused image
    which shows how hard the photographer had to seek out a spot to take the picture.

    We all expect an amount of privacy regardless of fame and they are not public property and have a life outside of their duties.

    We would all be outraged if it were us that had an inappropriate picture taken of us or someone we cared about believing we were in private and plastered all over the internet and please don’t say you wouldn’t be.

    • Maverick66

      Totally understand where your coming from – Well put together and posted, all should read this.

    • olly

      there is a bit of a security lapse there though. if a photographer can get pictures like this imagine how easy it would be for a trained sniper to kill both of them. the photographer was in the wrong but they should also improve the security surrounding them.

  • jackson

    If you have to stand on a ladder in the woods to take a photo using a telephoto lens of a person on private property, you are a voyeur and a criminal. I suggest the Royals hire some paps to stalk and photo the newspaper editors and their families in their gardens and on vacation from now until the end of time.

  • luciondawn

    Privacy in the Royal family does not exsist. It will NEVER exsist and the idiot that thinks it does is just that a idiot. The entire Royal family knows they have paparazzi following them taking pictures in every dark corner from miles away to inches from their faces. She sadly gave the right to privacy away when she married Prince William. I am not a Royal family fan. I dont know what the fuss about them is even about. Kate is not a very lovely lady to even look at with clothes let alone nude/topless. She looks like she has anorexia. She conducted herself poorly. They know they have paparazzi taking pictures at all times. She could of just as easy kept her top on. Yes as a normal person if we were being photographed that would be disturbing. But they know they are probably one of the most photographed couples in the world. So seriously they should just suck it up. Her breast have already been published. Its kind of hard to stop people who have already bought the magazine from scanning and posting her breast everywhere. The photographer could sell them and the person who buys them could publish them. She took it off. She knows the lack of privacy they have. Let her stew in her disgusting grief that everyone has seen her. Honestly she is not much to look at.

  • Maverick66

    The only one thing to think about, is this wrong or not. Ladies go topless all the time when on holiday and that is up to whoever wants to do this, in private the same thing. If the photos had been taken on a beach or on a boat near land then ok but with a lens that can take a photo from a mile and in a private garden, one place is so not like another and this is the point. Anyone who talks about it was for money or to show off, is all talk and no brains as these people are in the public eye more than not and are photo’d more than anyone else and more than anyone in someone’s life time.
    One thing i would ask, get a friend or lover or partner to take a full body naked photo of you showing something private and make a few copies on a printer and then post them around the area of your local news agent outlet – if you can do this and prove it then i would love to chat with you and even want to find out how you look on life but if you can’t then don’t bother talking about something you have no view on that would put you in the same shoes as William. Having his love in the same place as his mum anyone should understand why his is angry and needing to do what he is doing, what if you had the same thing happen in your life and someone took photos of someone you love and posted them all over the internet with links to the photos in the local paper and notice bored in your local towns.
    I’m no royalist but understand what they mean to this country and would follow them if asked or help them in any way i can but i don’t like Charles as i have seen him plus have on time been near him and he isn’t a nice guy plus very two faced, private is private and they have press all the time following them when out and about, anyone so in love should look out for and protect a loved one, Princes William you have my backing and i hope you win any plus all court battles when it comes to your family when it is something like this but please don’t hide behind a ruling in your favour from letting the world see what you are up to and who both of you are really like.

    • Anonymous

      MASTER/slave subjugation again, what is wrong with this people?

  • bianca

    The Queen managed not never get caught like this in a 50 year reign. William looks even more daft than her as he has lived with the paparazzi all his life. Kate has entered a life of privilege and its a small sacrifice to keep her top on. She didnt even get a tan! She has behaved arrogantly and totally complacent. An ungrateful woman with no sense of responsiibilty. There is no point blaming the photographers when the mistake is her own. Send them to jail? Send her to school!

    • Maverick66

      Points taken but the Queen didn’t have mobile phones with such things of photo or a short movie making when she was a in younger life. Such things as a telephoto lens that can take such photos is also new in the time of the world. Maybe Kate should have known better but then again maybe photos such as these should be taken but dumped by the news and paper companies who should police themselves more or should we ask then U.N to draw a line for what can or can’t be published, this would at least have everyone reading from the same page.

      • Guest

        Well said, Maverick66!!!

  • angela

    why cant these photograghers leave the couple alone yes they are famous so what !!! they are entitled to privacy every body is famous or not she wasnt on public display she was on holiday in what they thought was a secluded estate i hope they teach these paparazzi a lesson the editor as well should have known better

  • MB

    both sides take the blame, kate – can’t blame for exposure- the fact that she is in this position meant she knows the cause it comes with, and need to be more careful as a result. Plus, if she is a decent person in nature, she would not have commit such action anyway! However, the media should also respect people privacy, knowing this things can really hurt someone and its not nice just to use people embarrassment for profit sake.

  • retiredli

    It’s the low life people that buy these rags and keep the pap’s in business fault.

  • Big KD.

    Up the french. Now i AND MOST OF ENGLAND. Think Kate is great and we love her even more. You french should know by now all us Brits always stick together unlike you cowardly french idiots.

  • nelly

    Kate didn’t think twice about stripping down to her undies and net dress in public to grab a prince whilst at university, why should we be surprised at her lack of tact in this incident. Think before you twink!

    • Maverick66

      Nelly you don’t get it.
      1 – The dress is the same a multi dresses you can see on young ladies clubbing all over the UK and world most weekends if you know where people dress like that party.
      2 – That dress didn’t show any private area, it only teased the eye and made the brain think what else is there hiding underneath.
      In the UK if someone photo’d you in your bedroom from the end of the garden with no top on you could take them to court for being a peeping-tom and right to your privacy.

  • whatever

    who cares titties is titties so what why such a big deal ….maybe she should have kept her top on this is what happens not such a shocker what goes on lady on the street freak in the sheets kinda thing I am tired or hearing about it already looked at the pics nothing spectacular just a pair of boobs ……..ever been to a bike week there is a whole lot of pretty boobs….

  • loyal1

    the french and italians hate us but they were glad of us in ww2 the bastards

    • Anonymous

      poor lame people, always playing the innocent victims

  • Debbie

    Jo Baker you really are a idiot, why don’t you go and live on a island somewhere and take your vile opinions with you.

  • Anonymous

    Small tits, soggy body, boy-like weist.

  • neutralobserver

    stop making a big deal about it. as soon as another pair of famous tits show up,they will forget about kate.

  • Aristotle

    She has liberated all women. Her sensuos body and mind shall liberate millions and millions who are struggling to come out of their cocoons. Congrats Kate.

    • Makavelli

      I guess your right she really will make small titted women feel better about themselves. Hey all you small crack head titties come on out small titt Kate has shown her boobies or what appears to be boobies. Liberated all women lollololololololllllllllllloooooooollllllll her sensuous body lol you sound like a lesbian nut bag.wait a minute… Are you Rosie odonnel …I bet your Rosie seriously though if that makes you feel liberated you should seek the advice of a licensed professional in your area. Results are not guaranteed to help in your circumstance since what you have in particular appears terminal and mental. Still it’s worth a shot…….. Go NAVY

  • Funboy

    Talk about making mountains out of molehills! A somewhat boyish figure of the variety habitually preferred by Royal Family males for some reason.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MR2V2H37KAMDHP5MHRXXT5AX7Y Maja

    I don’t get it: it is magazine’s fault that the pictures were taken (and posted after that), it is not the princes’s fault she was naked??? She is obviously just a simple civilian, acting like one. Or she wants to voyeur… There is not other explanation why such a public person is getting naked, knowing that there are paparazzi all over the place, looking for her!

  • Makavelli

    The british system is ancient while the rest of the world has realized that there is no such thing as royalty and it is nothing more than the biggest welfare system ever. Now to those pics not nice boobies and yes i said boobies. Maybe kids a lookin Well those are definately trailer park boobies. The third one on the left kinda boobies. Definately not royal boobies. And if it is by chance they are “Royal” boobies, my apologies. I seem to have lost a shoe , it’s like this one obviously not this one but like it.yall just send em another check cause remember there better than you because they were born . Actually those two girls would have been royalty if they weren’t killed so actually your system doesn’t even have the right royalty in place. y’all just pick and choose lol oooops it’s a girl throw her back we need a royal king.lol keep kissing there royal ass. Yep I said it. It’s about time. Royal…lollololololololllllllllllloooooooollllllll

  • ben dover

    I think she’s one hot slice of ass pie

  • ben dover

    Basically more strokin material for me and papperrazzi

  • ben dover

    Small nipples but man the size of prince van wagenons Wiley Willard Williams royal sack looked like a huge piece of chewed up light pink bubble gum with hair all over it. Yikes he has one a royal sack on him.

  • Jack Mehoff

    Hey man great gerbil as well

  • Makavelli

    Definately trailer park boobies. Yep maybe just maybe she will use her welfare check the British give them to be “royal” to get a boob job.

  • Funboy

    She looks terribly tatty for her age and washboard stomach or what. Don’t think she will age well and her baps are truly awful.

  • get a life

    da@# whats the big deal she isn’t far from looking like a dude. sad if thats the cream of the crop

  • Steve

    much adoo about nothing.

  • Jussme

    By sending the lawyers in this will only prolong the interest in the pictures.Hopefully they will have learned a lesson and this won’t happen again. William’s anger is understandable but to keep saying this is like his mother is ridiculous.
    And by the way…the photo’s were taken from a third of a mile away on a public road. It could have been terrorists watching them! Where were the bodyguards?

  • jesse

    definition of papparazzi- perverts with high powered lenses stalking innocent and respectful people with the sole intent of causing them humiliation for the purposes of the perverts that look at the trash they print! normal people around the world are pissed off at the actions of these individuals who set out to harm reputations of good and decent people. remember Princess Di. now Kate. these people did and will do great things in the world. so for all you rats out there get f#@$$$$ real!

  • Charlton

    The best word to describe Alfonso Signorini, the editor of CHI magazine is: PORCO! Soneone should take a nude foto of his mother and post it in the internet. PORCO Signorini! live in the world of the pigs!

    • Anonymous

      defending the Masters again, what’s wrong with this people.
      Take care of yourself moron, they have all the money the world can buy to defend themselves.

  • Andys

    As an english person, I’m sick of hearing these whinging royals, who only want publicisity when it suits them, I’f she didnt want anyone to see her she should have stayed covered, its just a big stunt for them.
    They are no different than anyone else in the world, oh sorry they have lots of money !!!!

  • Paulus

    To be honest..i HATE the royal family..morals?? what fooking morals..Williams dad had a mistress ALL THROUGH he’s marriage, cos that marriage was a sham and now that mistress is in the public eye!!..its well known that royality thought they were soo differant thats why they DID INTERBREED incest the whole shabang!!….are we stupid or what!..and the Queens ‘Firm’ that does and has erased people…just like she did with Di and Dody…WAKE UP ALL OF YOU!!

  • Paulus

    And! wat do we actually know about this Kate?..we no NOTHING!!….we as a country have lost our standards and our back-bone…the UK is now a shadow of its former self……and has gone down that slippery slope tooo far now to ever regain the status of ‘Sweet UK’

  • juniorlight

    i’m amazed at the amount of people on here complaining about how it’s an ‘invasion of privacy’. if you respected their privacy at all, you wouldn’t be on here looking at the pictures. anybody that looks at them, are no different from the photographer that took them. myself included.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rich.edwards.5201 Rich Edwards

    So the paparazzi take another set of so-called spy pictures. While I think it is so juvenile to sneak around taking pictures of people without their permission, I find it even MORE reprehensible that common folk in the U.K. have to pay millions so these people can fly around in private jets to destinations few can afford. What do they do for a living? BTW, nice ass too……I’m jus sayin!

  • Stephen Thornton

    It’s fair to say that the one thing we have learnt from the photos is that Kate isn’t pregnant….

  • Janet M

    She has the same sizer tits as her bald husband! lol.

    • Anonymous

      I had the impression a male was behind William

  • Janet M

    She has no respect even in front of her hubby, pull down you knickers and let the future king rub sun tan cream on your arse. Could she not reach her arse to do it herself? MY! Always thought much different of you Kate.

    • Hugh G. rection

      I think it’s part of the Royalty training programme. Fully qualified Royals have lower class poor people deal with everything to do with their arses. Hubby doing it is just the first step in getting used to this. But then again I might be wrong. They are trationally very secretive about arse duties.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1323112825 David Colin Leach

    i am ashamed to say i have bigger tits than her an i am a man of 45

    • Hugh G. Rection

      But I challenge you to get them in as many news reports. Size isn’t everything.

      • Makavelli

        Boobie size is everything.

  • A.B

    Who gives a crap, they are just breast…Get over it people and stop feeding into the media hype which is the reason for creepy perverted pics like this being taken in the first place. If a woman exposing her boobs on her own property makes her a slut then a person looking at them and making any kind of comment is a pervert. Idgaf who she is… Her body her choice…Flaunt it girl

  • Joe

    Amazingly stupid? That’s what happens in royalty when cousins marry. But, stop with the Kate crap already! All mammals have tits. She’s the one who let them out of their wraps and now she’s crying foul? Get naked in the bathroom, or the bedroom, or closet, or some place private, Kate…not outside. It’s your own stupidity that put you in peril of the world confirming that you have tits like everybody else.

  • http://twitter.com/renegad44 geoffrey franklin

    taking topless pictures of his wife. How did the pictures get topless? More like taking pictures of his topless wife.

  • Hugh G. Rection

    I only Googled Ms. Middleton’s tits after they have been cited by most news articles for days. I’ve also drank too much red wine tonight which never helps. Well, not often. I’m not one to get too excited by boob shape or size but I couldn’t help noticing the Princess is in pretty good shape. Lucky old Prince. But that’s missing the point right now.

    Amorral photographers have probably been around since cameras evolved past requiring subjects to remain still while a mini explosion illuminated them. Fact of life for celebs of any background. A lesson to learn. They will get over it. Best not involve the lawyers and let the story run its course and all will loose interest.

  • Anonymous

    SMALLL breasts, soggy and boyish body, ARRRGH!

    • Makavelli


  • kdm

    how dum they both r

  • Ms P

    I really think this was a serious invasion of privacy and I hope that they can get the amount of money each magazine made off of them and give to charity and I hope someone take very disgusting pictures of them or their family members, maybe this is what it might take for them to have a soul catch them doing something

  • Jenny Rollins

    Thank GOD it was only a camera, and not a rifle with a scope!

  • tomdickandharry

    Jo Baker has only ever seen breats online. The level of grammar and literacy (I won’t even begin on intelligence and reasoned thought) from some people is appalling. Sadly they won’t care or even know this is directed at them. The point is there is a way to behave decently and that is lacking both in the publication of the photos and some of these uneducated and childish comments. Apologies to those of you who posted something sensible.

  • annie16Cn

    Previous messages are a little bit stupid. How would you like it if someone took private pictures of you and your whatever and published them on Facebook?. They have a right to privacy and shouldn’t have to look over their shoulder. These guys need to get a life, and if magazines or newspapers did not pay ridiculous amounts of money for these pictures there would be no need for any comments

  • WallaceinCanada

    I dont think Kate or William give a shit, its the old guard that is having a coronary over it. This is so common practice in Europe that its ridiculous news. She’s got nice normal petite boobs, done deal.

  • Smedley

    There not very big and barley a mouth full. The Prince must be starving lol …..

  • doglane

    Most people dress and undress at least twice a day in the
    privacy of their own homes

    and on holiday. The Royal couple were in a private setting.

    The individual who invaded this young couple’s privacy with
    a long distance photo lense along with the

    publishers should be brought to book.

    In the case of the Daily Star (Irish edition), it is a trash
    paper for trash people and is not fit to wipe ones

    nether regions with and it wont be missed when I expect as
    should be, it folds.

    Irish Reader/ Dublin.

  • dan watland

    The Royal Couple is living in a world of taking chances; from leaving a parked car to what we see today with Kates topless photo’s. The photo,s are not very clear and more than likely unidentifyable when you come down to it. I don’t doubt but who it is, I just believe, boobs are boobs and that sales are directed towards who they belong to. How do they gain privicy? They better check their bedroom for hidden cameras. Perhaps photographer “sewer” would like her topless photo’s on national air waves.

  • Peter M.

    they should have come to beautiful Kenya where privacy is guaranteed Jennifer Aniston is coming and the couple can do everything naked without fear of peeping money-headed fellows, i do not have a problem with the photos on the brighter side of it, young guys should learn to delay premarital engagements and enjoy everything after marriage sex, love, family and timely conception.

  • Miyan

    I’m glad prince William stand for Kate, Kate need his support . Because in the end no matter who else think about them ; the most important thing is they stand for each other and go through this temporary storm together. I hope they stand still and let nothing hurt their relationship, because that’s what devil want… This harsh world is full of harsh people and that’s the lesson we all can learn … By the way , why shallow men like to judge women’s figure as if their body are perfectly build or marry with the perfect woman in the world.

  • bobhome55

    i think these things happen when your famous. he should be proud shes hott. everyone says breasts but did you see her cute but? nice

  • Alf Taylor

    What if it was your mother who got skulked upon and embarrassed? Surely this woman,and her husband who have done no harm to anyone deserve the respect due mom. It’s wrong, no two ways about it. Keep your chin up, Royals. Jail the photographer.like any other trespasser.

  • cat

    She got nked..almost…outside and now wants to cry about it cause somebody was watching and took pictures.
    I think she should be reprimanded for exposing herself like that. Personally, I don’t think she has all that much to look at…like someone else said, kind of a boysih body. Really skinny and not filled out anywhere…Not much there to worry about.

  • dave

    So here’s something for you to think about. If your daughter in your back yard with no top on and someone takes a picture I guess it’s aloud for them to put it the news paper also. It shouldn’t matter if there important people or not privacy at your own house, in your back yard our in your house people should respect it.

  • Henry

    And they don’t even have to pay the lawyers.They are doing it for free, how good is that.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ROXVEA4EXIHE3ZHNZXCTRS6AEY Brit50

    Serves her right. Mess with those paparazzi you get burned. Too bad.

  • Pradip dave

    Those who lives on Public Money ( taxpayer) And enjoying best comfort in Public there is nothing Private . All is for Public gallery.

  • kixie

    Wow, all of this hubbub over just little things.

  • doubleagle

    For some reason we seem to forget 3.5 billion people on earth are female and have breasts. But to have some scum bag lay in wait to photograph her without her knowledge is honestly sick. This was a private moment between a husband and wife. Kate is a beautiful young women and her husband loves her and if they want to be nude in each others presence, God Bless them. How many of these people who thinks stupid and deserved this would want some asshole spying on them and photograph their loved one without their knowledge.

  • darren

    where’s her sister they would have been pictures . being serious if I went on a beach and started taking picture of topless women I would be arrested and there on a public beach , a couple on private property should not have to worry .

  • Anonymous

    Oh, man, do people have stupid opinions. What else to say but: it’s a shame for her, nasty on the part of the photog, and kiss, kiss, smooch, smooch.

    Oh, and no one has ever heard of “power lenses.” :)

  • chris

    Looks like they knew photographers were around another chance to bash the press?

  • Makavelli

    I say just abolish the whole so called king and queen shit. I just lost 14 iq points saying king and queen. Though it was probably cool when the earth was flat. England should give that royal palace to the less fortunate people of that country. I promise that the queen herself uses air freshner and matches after she takes a ROYAL poop. I guess what I’m sayin is pull the wool off ur eyes,quit paying welfare to them and as y’all say tell them to “bloody piss off.”and say that with the English accent . Awesome

  • Makavelli

    Im famous. Take a guess

  • Makavelli

    Disappointing really. You would think royal boobies would look a little different than you girlfriends when you were 12. Just saying you’d think they would be a little more,you know, “ROYAL” Hell I think I’ll make a donation to the all new first annual “SMALL TIT KATE” foundation Benifit dinner. Helping those small tit ladies since 2012. The dinner will include guests such as sir Elton John. Hear him sing his new hit ” Goodbye small tits Kate” and ” I guess that’s why they call’em small boobs” and don’t miss the after show where Louie Quinton plays fiddle straight from Pencil Town. Tickets on sale now for $7,777. Which includes lobster for two while listening to the music you know and love. All guests who purchase the Royal package gets to stay in one of the “queens” 2000 rooms. You will recieve all accomodations including Royal toilet paper, Royal bed. Youll take Royal poops on a real life Royal toilet. Heck youll even make Royal love after the benifit dinner. This is an offer you dont wanna miss. Guests will also have a chance to donate to get everyone in the “ROYAL” family fixed, so England doesn’t have anymore welfare royals to keep up. void where prohibited. offer expires December 31 2012. all donations excepted. Sorry no cod. or food stamps excepted. Scratch that. Food stamps are excepted. if you would like to make a donation only, message me.Together, we can all make a difference.

    • Raminreno

      You are hilarious, Dude! I’ve read all of your posts (up to this point) and just had to take a minute to let you know. I don’t give a rat’s ass about Kate’s boobs and could really care less what everyone else on here is saying. But you made me smile so my day was brightened. Hell…you even made me laugh! So thank you. Are you a comedian by any chance? ‘Cuz if you’re not…you should be. Take it easy and have a great day!

  • Anon Anon

    Are they always on vacation?

  • LK

    The photos were not taken behind closed door, not in their bedroom or bathroom, so no breach of their privacy…. They were taken out door, she should never be topless out door…. air planes could fly over the property???

    Why she needed to be topless?? Can she not afford a sunbed in their palaces???

    She married into the royal family and got all the previilages, she needs to sacrify some freedom, such as sunbathing topless…. If these photos only showed her on the balcony modeling in her bikini instead of being topless, she probably would not complain. The whole scandal came down to her own mistake for taking her top off…

    It is not surprising (maybe expected) that photographers are camping outside any building they in residence to take photos, I am sure the photographer did not expect her to go topless on a balcony that is not cover by fences..

    If she kept her top on, none of this privacy war….even winning the court case, the damages had already been done, can’t turn back the clock now…..

  • john

    Although I can’t agree with the invasion of privacy that has been apparent I have to say that thousands of women appear topless all over the world every day, ok not usually a princess but also there are not many who are as attractive as Kate. I for one appreciate this young woman for who she is, things she does and what one day she will be, Not for what she is or isn’t wearing. Let them get on with their life without ridicule or invasion they are after all normal human beings not aliens.

  • radioranger

    In my humble opinion this is “no big deal”. Indeed it’ll give her the option of introducing her “subjects” to the concept of publicaly breast feeding her children when they arrive and making the world that bit bettter for all.

  • doglane

    What a bunch of ignorant clowns
    who all think they are wise guys *uck the lot of ya.

  • tony clarke

    there a young couple on holiday enjoying themselves. In love & having fun. Shame a nosey lensman found them & made loads of money. Keep your chin up Kate

  • Wheelusbaby415

    For those of you who do not feel violated by just seeing one of these pictures, you would, if it happened to you. I can agree that the best decisions might not have been made on that vacation; however, that does not mean this loving couple should be tortured in the press.

    I do not think William should give this the attention that a lawsuit would provide. It would also spur publication sales through the roof, revenue-wise. But, alas, I can understand his actions. We all expect certain freedoms and William and Catherine should be able to as well.

    If we all don’t advocate for discretion from these entities, nothing will get better or change. But, we all are free to say what we choose and the press is free to photograph what they choose.

    Try to walk in their (William and Kate) Shoes. Not as royalty, but as a couple deeply in love. The public does not have the right to know and see whatever they choose.

  • animal

    itty bitty titties so what

  • Max

    France do not do that to The Future Queen or The Future King will get angry with u

  • Memememem

    What an ugly body. Somebody give her a cheeseburger!