Jane Seymoure on Being a Bond Girl

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

JANE Seymour has opened up about her time as a Bond Girl.

The actress — who starred in Roger Moore’s first flick as James Bond in 1973 in Live and Let Die at the tender age of 20 — says what made her blush was the fact that she was asked to play a virgin voodoo priestess.

“My Bond character was meant to look like a virgin, I don’t think they do that very often,” Jane told FOX411.

“Usually they are looking for someone exotic, different, beautiful, someone that is a nemesis or a lover for (Bond). There is always a twist to it, there is always something exotic about a Bond girl.

“Being in that film I was just 20 and starting out, so it was a huge deal. I had a career afterwards, but I have never done anything remotely like that since then. I had to go back to what I knew and what I do which is more practical stuff.

“And this was the first Roger Moore Bond film, and it was big shoes to climb into after Sean Connery. I was watching Roger deal with that, but I was very new to acting so I realized I had a lot to learn.”

“It’s interesting that whenever I meet some of the other Bond girls, I always have something in common, and it is an interesting sorority. We all share about our Bonds.

“‘Did your Bond do that?’ ‘Yes mine did!’ So it is quite funny conversations.

“We may as well be in high school.”