Kate Middleton and Closer Magazine France: Topless Picture Lawsuit Could Cost Them a Fortune (PHOTOS)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

KATE Middleton and Prince William are waiting on tenterhooks for a French court’s decision over whether their attorney’s request to block further publication of topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge is successful.

The court in Nanterre, near the French capital Paris, has said it will make its ruling at noon as the royal couple bid to stop the French gossip magazine Closer from reproducing the naked snaps that show the pair in a compromising position on holiday.

Aurelien Hamelle said William and Kate  were involved in a “healthy and profoundly intimate” moment when a photographer snapped the images. It was “deeply personal,” he added.

On Friday, Closer caused controversy when they printed 14 photos of Kate baring her royal assets. And on Monday, Italian magazine Chi published a 26-page spread of the images. Both titles are owned by Italian publishing house Mondador, which is owned by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

As well as an injunction to block the photos appearing elsewhere, Hamelle is seeking $6,550 in damages from Closer. He also asked the court to fine Closer $13,100 a day for each day the injunction is disregarded and $131,000 if the photos are sold in France or abroad to another tabloid.

Hamelle fought it out with Closer’s lawyer, Delphine Pando over whether the pictures are a breach of privacy for Kate and William.

“It’s not an accessible (view) from the exterior,” Hamelle said of the property, while Pando countered that the home can be seen from a nearby road.

“What is certain for [Kate's] close family as for herself is that it’s something extremely troubling,” Hamelle said.

Pando claimed the pictures were taken by an agency and the rights didn’t belong to Closer magazine.

“We are not the owners of these photos,” she said. “The photos are out there. If a TV show wants to show an image of this (magazine) edition, it’s got nothing to do with us.”

William made the decision to sue French Closer.

“By setting a precedent and suing Closer, Prince William is making a stand for the future,” a source revealed.

“He told Kate that enough was enough, especially after what happened recently with Harry, and that he had to protect his wife and any kids they have in the future.

“He grew up in the media glare with his mom, Diana, and is well aware that he has to do something to ensure the Duchess of Cambridge’s security and right to privacy.

“But they’re in two camps over this. Kate didn’t want William to go nuts over the topless photos. She said she didn’t mind turning a blind eye to them because they will soon be forgotten about.

“However, William wants to go after Closer and put an end to press invasion once and for all.”

The statement released by the Palace said “legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France” by the royal couple, describing the publication of the pictures as “grotesque and totally unjustifiable.”

Closer published the photos of Kate without her bikini top, which were taken while they were sunbathing around the swimming pool of Château d’Autet, the private residence of the Queen’s nephew Viscount Linley in Luberon, France.

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  • candy

    Put your clothes on! Why would you do this knowing you are photographed everywhere. Shame on you Kate! Your disgusting behavior is typical of a commoner and one who cannot follow rules! You embarrassed the Queen.
    Everyone has seen your body now, so what was the point? To show your power? Too late. We live in a world of free speech and opinion’s. First world problems…
    Obviously you would not know this since you are not educated in reality but art!
    You both should be ashamed and embarrassed, not of your body, but of the expense and time you have wasted. Don’t worry about the men whom have died at war recently or the starving people in the world. You are not the first to be photographed nude or the last. Get a grip on yourself. Help people instead on big noting yourself as you have since day one…….
    You are a disgrace to women…..

    • Lulu

      Get a life yourself and stop critisising other people’s lifestyle and right to do what they want , they are royals , yes but they try hard , it’s their job and they have a right to make mistakes. Or are YOU perfect??????……..Well , did not think so……!

      • KatyWaity

        lulu, too bad you identify with katy waity……but other people want a Royal that deserves respect.

  • candy

    Wholly! crap…..if a photographer can get that close, what about a snipper?
    Oh how dumb are some……..while his prince ness is “concerned” for his commoners wife safety, then how did the photographer get that close? Really? Does the royal family think we are all that stupid? apparently…..What happened to his mother will continue to happen when we r all dead and gone….that excuse is getting boring and over used. They are human like the rest of us. They are not special…or better than any of us….
    We should all be sued then! Cause millions buy these magazines for exactly what they photograph! DOH! Did the royals miss that point!
    When you are a celeb there are no rules, no privacy nothing…get use to it..u chose it…..
    aussie aussie aussie …….we are not brits!

  • irvin

    This entire scandal is a shame. Kate is a dignified, beautiful woman who deserves the right to a private life and share intinmacy without being intruded upon. Her initial response to let the episode pass without pursuing a high-level inquisition is a sign of chastity and virtue. The real “criminals” are a) the brazen photographer (paparazzi), who surreptiously violated her privacy, b) the tabloid business that promotes such smut, and c) a vulgar audience that is willing to feed the whole system of muck-raking. ‘Voyeurism’ is not only perverted, it is criminal.

    • dythinks

      Boy Ill buy that!

  • floral

    I have found her boobs disgusting to look at , her tits are too dark and big, nauseating

  • cli

    at least they are showing happiness being together!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/O75DXNANCNKC3QESMUSRDI5SMQ Erica

    you don’t want to be photographed with your tits hanging out then don’t hang them out! it’s 2012 the technology in cameras and vids!…hello!

    • Kumman

      Totally agree with you!

  • Kumman

    It’s all about freedom of Media

  • KatyWaity
  • KatyWaity

    Waity has always been an exhibitionist — William married his party partner, big mistake. He still likes to drink. She was forced not to get drunk in public ANY MORE {as in what she did the past decade prior to marriage} she was always drunk and getting her crotch exposed and photographed. You need to realize what an idiot she truly is – all the false modesty over the French photos !!! Waity is not embarrassed, she lives her life like that.

    • dythinks

      did that make you feel better? Do you wander around looking for dirt?

  • afghan

    Shame on kate