CHI Magazine: Kate Middleton’s Topless Pictures Were Justified, The Editor INSISTS (PHOTOS ALL HERE)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

THE Editor of CHI magazine in Italy has defended the publication of 18 topless pictures of Kate Middleton — the Duchess of Cambridge/

Alfonso Signorini said he has done nothing illegal and he published the 26-page photo feature to show how the royal family in Britain had modernized.

“I published them with a conviction that they are pictures of a modern contemporary duchess,” Alfonso told Sky News, which said that off-camera Signorini had described her as “resembling a Greek goddess”.

Signorini said it was legal in Italy to take photographs on “a public thoroughfare” and the photos could just as easily been taken by a member of the public standing on the road bordering Lord Linley’s Chateau d’Autet.

It has been estimated the photos were all taken from between 400m and 800m away, which would have meant a member of the public would have to have been equipped with an expensive long-lens camera.

CHI magazine – like France’s Closer magazine, which caused a furor by publishing photos of the duchess topless on Friday — is owned by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi‘s media company Mondadori.

Signorini said it was “a very important scoop” for the magazine which rushed out its special edition on Monday, two days ahead of its normal Wednesday publication date.

Meanwhile, Kate’s hubby Prince William has vowed to see the people responsible for taking topless pictures of his wife put behind bars.

The heir to the to the throne has even told his confidantes that he is willing to give evidence in court to help seek justice for the future Queen.

William has told pals that he will not just pursue Closer magazine in the French civil courts but will also pursue criminal action.

“I want them jailed,” William told pals.

The royal couple is currently in the middle of a nine-day Far East tour to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

“They will take any action they can within the law to seek redress,” William’s spokesman said. “They’ve been clear that they will not allow this to intrude on their enjoyment of the tour, or more importantly their work on behalf of the Queen.

“The couple always felt very strongly about privacy and harassment. It’s part of a very long-standing and heartfelt position by the Duke and Prince Harry, given their past, to do everything they can to protect themselves.”[imagebrowser id=1130]

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  • Trinity Vanderbilt

    400m and 800m away, which would have meant a member of the public would
    have to have been equipped with an expensive long-lens camera.

  • M. Smith

    get a life would yas, they are just a set of titties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Me My self and I

    very nice

  • jilly

    She only has two tiny boobies, what’s the big deal??? It’s not like Jessica Simpson’s boobs are out in the public, that would be scary!!!

  • anony

    mosquito bites.

  • Bob

    If she is dumb enough to get nude in public, knowing the celebrity she has, then she deserves to have whatever is coming her way.

    • lancelot

      I totally agree with you. You would have never seen Diana doing such a stupid thing!

      • Michele Clark

        Im sure Diana did similar stuff…but really who cares? In Europe, breasts arent looked at the same as they are here…well these are royal breasts so everyone wants to peak…

      • Megan

        Actually, Diana did. She was photographed while sunbathing topless. The owner of Hello! Magazine bought all of the photos and had them destroyed.

  • Sandoval

    I think they are nice

  • Mid Essex Male

    Well I don’t like big boobed women, they look to much like cows. These are great

  • livinlavidaloca

    why are her nipples too wide for a non-mother like herself?

  • Roy Alshaker

    Any conspiracy theorists out there? She would not have done this without realising the risk of being paparazzied? How about all the security guards having a good look. What naive thoughts Kate had exposing these royal suckers to the world wide web????

  • Dd19

    She has ever right to sunbath with the love of her life without her privacy being exploited by the press. It people who are crazy enough to buy such indecent papers that feeds these photographers that have no moral decency

  • Truth Seeker

    Modesty would be the key here. With somebody in her position, you just don’t do that. Yes, everyone has the right to privacy but you kinda willingly forfeit that when you marry a prince. It’s time to behave like the wife of a prince, not some college girl on spring break. She has so much style, I am just dumbfounded that she would be that naive to think the cameras are suddenly shut off just because they are at a private residency. Way to go….I wonder how much money the legal fight with the publishers will cost the British taxpayers??

  • Larna

    It does show her as a modern contemporary Duchess, as the Editor says, but of course we are not so gullible as to think that is the real reason for publishing them. Money. Purely & simply. Gross invasion of privacy.

  • Lolaz

    Some people..Cant mind there Bushiness.. GOD!!!
    There on ther Holiday/ Tour having a good time then the domb ass paparazzi Had to come .. My mum does that all the time….AND THERE’S NO CAMERAS!!
    Get an life seriously .. is it cause u don’t have such big boobs.. AGREED By me and my Fam XXX

  • Stephen LeFave

    Anybody in her position that exhibits this kind of behaviour, in my humble opinion, is overtly seeking the attention that she has received. Yes, she’s on private property, but the picture taker wasn’t. (we hope so anyway) If these people (who are no different than you and I) are going to commit these acts in public view, have no right to complain about it after the fact. Keep your damn clothes on if you don’t want to see to see pictures of yourself without them. Nuff said.

  • HV

    foudasse ainda por cima sao fracas as tetas da mulher!

  • Michele Clark

    I really hope she isnt feeling ashamed… all kinds of people, especially outside the USA, sunbath topless and it is totally acceptable…some paparazzi got lucky and made some money…They are just BREASTS…50% of the population has them!

    • Anonymous

      and 100% have nipples

  • Vintage

    It’s really upsetting to see Princess Diana’s children being so careless. And it makes me sad that the old scandals are starting to crop up again. They are not inexperienced teen-aged kids. You would think they would save getting naked for behind the castle walls!!!

  • Jojo

    Who really cares…

  • Susie Lightning

    Jesus Christ, everyone is getting their knickers in a bunch over a couple of boobies. NO, she wasn’t “dumb” or “irresponsible” and she’s not “getting what she deserves,” you stupid twits. She was getting some sun on her titties. Big fucking deal. Grow up, y’all.

    • switchitof

      If I had titties and access to the sun Susie…..They would be out there pointing skywards.

  • Switchitoff

    I think the world of boobs is quite safe.Not the shock horror event of the century after all.A plain Jane with modest assets,photographed on a long lens from the Moon?The distance some sad folk will go for a super cheap thrill.A young couple on holliday doing innocent things should be left well alone.Now if they had a crystal meth lab thing going on………..Different story.Leave them alone.We wll be all the better for it.

  • Sister


  • editor

    How does it matter…life goes on…read more imp. things at

  • titanic

    “I want them jailed”, for what? Grow up, that was a public beach and she was naked?? Come on now.