Hugh Laurie Storms Out of His Movie Premiere!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

HUGH Laurie is not the most patient man in the world.

The actor apparently stormed out before a premiere of his own film, The Oranges.

“Hugh seemed to grow increasingly impatient waiting for the film to start and intro to begin,” a source told the New York Post newspaper.

“He grew tired of waiting and took off.”

Laurie’s rep explained it wasn’t impatience, but in fact sheer “exhaustion” that led to his leaving the Cinema Society screening.

“He did a full press day on Friday with the rest of the cast, as well as appearances on [Anderson] and [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon], starting at 8 a.m.,” she said.

“After completing the press line and finishing his publicity commitments for the day, the film started late and he opted to leave as he hadn’t had a proper break . . . to eat and rest. I don’t think ‘impatient’ is the appropriate word choice in this circumstance.”