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Se og Hør: Kate Middleton Topless Pictures to Appear in Danish Magazine

Posted by Adam

KATE Middleton‘s topless photos are getting another airing.

Danish tabloid Se og Hør has announced it will publish the Kate Middleton breast pictures in a 16-page spread.

Se og Hør‘s editor-in-chief Kim Henningsen said he was “unbelievably proud” that Se og Hør has obtained the photos and will be the only Danish media to run the shots that have made headlines the world over.

“Our readers love to follow the lives of celebrities and royals and are always looking for news that brings them up close,” Henningsen said in a statement. “It is in Se og Hør‘s DNA to entertain and satisfy our readers’ curiosity. Therefore, it is always relevant for us when a duchess and the future queen of England is topless and willingly reveals her breasts towards a public road.”

The photos, first published in France’s tabloid magazine, Closer, have also made their way to Italian pages despite an injunction granted to the  Kate and husband Prince William. The ruling, handed down by a court in Nanterre, France, demands that Closer hand the original photos over to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and forbids the media outlet from selling additional copies.

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Meanwhile, William has vowed to see the people responsible for taking topless pictures of his wife put behind bars.

The heir to the to the throne has even told his confidantes that he is willing to give evidence in court to help seek justice for the future Queen.

William has told pals that he will not just pursue Closer magazine in the French civil courts but will also pursue criminal action.

“I want them jailed,” William told pals.

The royal couple is currently in the middle of a nine-day Far East tour to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

“They will take any action they can within the law to seek redress,” William’s spokesman said. “They’ve been clear that they will not allow this to intrude on their enjoyment of the tour, or more importantly their work on behalf of the Queen.

“The couple always felt very strongly about privacy and harassment. It’s part of a very long-standing and heartfelt position by the Duke and Prince Harry, given their past, to do everything they can to protect themselves.”

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