Katie Holmes’ Divorce From Tom Cruise Has Affected Suri

Thursday, September 20, 2012

KATIE Holmes and Tom Cruise‘s divorce has had quite an affect on their adorable daughter Suri.

Katie has told pals that her six-year-old is still adjusting to a much more modest lifestyle.

“She said the divorce has been hard on Suri and she’s acting out,” a source told Us Weekly.

“Katie says no to some things, but gives a little leeway. She knows Tom is going to spoil her.

“She wants [her] to fit in and be more of a normal kid.”


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  • Maverick66

    Sorry a modest lifestyle, did she really say that ? would love to see what people like this would be like living on a average wage for a few week. Then again it is great that she looked out for her daughter and herself from Toms way of living,

  • swathi

    what shit is she talking.she is over exposing in public, to spoil Tom cruise’s fame and want all people to gain her attention and to get sympathy and may be using this trick to get offers in movies as she is not have much offers for movies. Its really very humorous that she is mentioning “modest lifestyle” for her kid suri and she is not practicing it for herself