Jennifer Aniston: How She’s Preparing For Wedding

Friday, September 21, 2012

JENNIFER Aniston has been splashing the cash as she prepares for her upcoming wedding to Justin Theroux.

According to reports, the actrsss, 43, recently spent close to $2000 for a Customized Rejuvenation Treatment at Mila Moursi Skin Care in Beverly Hills.

The luxe facial, which runs 90 minutes, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenates sun-damaged skin.

“Our leading ladies like to get the treatment,” a source said. “Jen’s been a regular at Mila Moursi since August, when she got engaged.”

Meanwhile, it’s been claimed Aniston has banned her ailing mom, Nancy, 76, attending her wedding — because of her failure to keep her mouth shut about her daughter’s private life.

The star has had a testy relationship with her mom ever since she she blabbed too much about Jennifer’s personal matters in a 1996 TV interview.

“Being at Jennifer’s wedding to Justin was one of Nancy’s greatest late-in-life dreams — but now that dream is shattered,” declared an insider.

“But when Nancy started asking a bunch of questions about the upcoming event, it set off an alarm in Jennifer’s head. She realized her mom was gossiping way too much about her wedding plans.

“Now she has banned Nancy from the nuptials — just like she banned her from her wedding to Brad Pitt back in 2000.

“After her star-studded $1 million wedding to Brad, Jen now wants a much less formal and less publi­cized ceremony. And she believes Nancy’s loose lips are a threat to her privacy.”




    Justin must splash more than $ 20 000 000 to try to fix his appearance. :)


      Justin is perfect the way he is!

      • lana

        Justin is pitiful.

  • Mary

    Who is Justin’s blond?

  • fatal

    how does a haggy bee-yotch prepare for her forced marriage to a gold digging no name playwright? she bans her mother and the grooms girlfriend of 14 years and spends hideous amounts of cash to charlatans to make her “young again” by smearing chicken poop and placenta on her face then stabbing it with a thousand little needles-she buys her own engagement ring so it is bigger than what her ex gave his new wife, she buys herself a hollywood star and several completely made up magazine faux awards since she can’t actually get an award for acting