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Taylor Swift Writes Love Notes to Boyfriend

Posted by Adam

TAYLOR Swift writes love notes to her boyfriend, 18-year-old Conor Kennedy.

The teen had only been back at his boarding school for a week when he got a visit from the singer.

“Taylor is obsessed with Conor,” a source said. “She writes him love notes!”

Recent reports claimed Swift has told pals she loves dating Conor — because she loves the iconic political clan.

“She’s obsessed with the family,” a source said. ” Ted Kennedy Jr. even calls her a Kennedy groupie!

“She’s head over heels. [Conor's] a smart, sensitive guy.”

“She says it’s a fantasy come true. [Taylor] is very smitten.”


  • truth

    Both of Ted Kennedy’s sons, Patrick and Ted jr have both publicly said how much they like taylor, and Ted jr said its absurd he never called her a Kennedy groupie. Big deal she visited her boyfriend 2 weeks after he started school, and heaven forbid she sends her boy friend notes. And I love how “sources” say all these things that supposedly go on between a couple in private. Did you know a source told me that Adam hangs out in public bathrooms to kiss mens feet. Wow its just that easy to be a gossip bloger, just say whatever you want and tell everyone it came from an inside “source”

  • Elmo

    Yeah, why do they scrutinize these people for everything they do just because of how famous they are? Some people say ” well youre famous, deal with it.” Well they still deserve the right to privacy that all living things are born with. On a semi-relates note, conor Kennedy is one lucky bastard!

  • truth2

    They do write love notes. hahahahahahahaha omg this is hilarious