Jessica Simpson Has Hurt Feelings Over Weight Taunts

Sunday, September 23, 2012

JESSICA Simpson is feeling sensitive.

The star — who welcomed daughter Maxwell on May 1 — is hurt by cruel taunts about her weight.

Although she has dropped 40lbs in four months, her cruel detractors have hit out at her for not losing the remaining 40 already.

“For years, Jessica has been OK with her body and everyone loved her for that. But now she’s not feeling the love and she doesn’t like it,” a source said.

“She’s trying to conceal her hurt feelings with humor right now. She uses jokes and goofiness to hide the fact that she’s really sensitive.

“The past few weeks were really difficult because the pressure was enormous. She knew everyone would be judging her. She was proud of her progress so to face all these cruel taunts now, it stings.”