Kate Middleton is Slammed by Camilla Over Breast Pictures

Monday, September 24, 2012

KATE Middleton‘s topless picture scandal might stop her from becoming Queen, it has been claimed.

According to America’s Globe magazine, Prince Charles‘ scheming wife Camilla cruelly taunted Kate, and made her cry, hocking photos of the beauty sunbathing topless exploded around the world.

“Camilla screeched at Kate and how Prince William rushed to comfort his distraught wife,” a source said.

However, William and Kate have Queen Elizabeth‘s support.

Although the palace reacted with “anger and disbelief” over the publication of topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, sources tell People magazine that William’s father Prince Charles and grandmother Queen Elizabeth II “are most definitely supporting [Will and Kate] in everything that they are doing”.

On Monday, Kate and William won an injunction in France to stop further publication of the images, which were taken as Kate sunbathed topless at a château in the South of France.

William’s former press aide Colleen Harris revealed how the Prince will likely be feeling about the scandal.

“William will be absolutely fuming,” she said.

“If this were Fergie, [the Queen] would be livid,” Ken Wharfe, Princess Diana‘s former bodyguard told People, referring to Sarah Ferguson, who found herself in a bind over racy pictures 20 years ago.

“But this is top-drawer royalty: a favorite grandson and his beautiful wife. They live in another world.”
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  • salinta

    these pictures are taken from 2 cameras and most likely they were set in the trees with automatic picture taking not too far from the pool area. The reason is the background is different from different angles and also taken from top and not below otherwise you will not be able to see where she is laying and you can see her complete back for the front of her body, like when you are laying down and someone stands by you and takes a picture. This is inside job. most definitely. and most likely it the lady photographer who set the camera and later came to take them when she was pictured walking away. Helped by british employee taken by france women. also if taken from street you could not see their feet when they were standing up because the road is lower than the pool area. When you take the picture from below you will only caputre the top portion because to the angle from low to high.