Anjelica Huston Turning Her House Into Private Members Club

Monday, September 24, 2012

ANJELICA Huston is reportedly planning to her Venice, Calif., house into a private members club.

According to Page Six from the New York Post, the actress has thrown her weight behind the proposed social club in Venice, which would be housed in the California residence her late husband, sculptor Robert Graham, built for her in 1994.

“I bestow my heartfelt support for Venice Social Club Holdings’ intention to create a community gathering space that honors Venice’s unique legacy at 69 Winward Ave.,” she said.

Meanwhile, Huston is still in love with Jack Nicholson.

The Oscar-winning actress admits she never got over her breakup from Nicholson in her new memoir, according to American tabloid the National Enquirer.

“Breaking up with Jack was more brutal for Anjelica than the death of any relative or friend,” a source said.

“Losing him devastated her and she never really recovered.

“Their life together was Hollywood at its most hedonistic — and drugs were a big part of it.

“Happiness eluded her. What she wanted most was to marry Jack and have a baby.”

Anjelica went on to wed sculptor Robert Graham in 1992, but the couple never had children. He died in 2008.

“Anjelica’s lived an amazing life,” the source said. “And when her story finally comes out, Hollywood will be buzzing for years!”

Huston has signed a deal with publisher Scribner Books to release the memoir in 2013.