Kate Middleton’s Se Og Hor Magazine Bottom Pictures (SEE ALL OF THE LOVELY PHOTOS RIGHT HERE, DEAR READERS)

Friday, September 28, 2012

KATE Middleton is topless… again.. but looking fine.. again.. here’s some more, intimate, pictures of the sexy British royal sunbathing in France with husband Prince William. These photos were published by Se Og Hor Magazine.[imagebrowser id=1132]

Recent reports claimed Kate’s topless picture scandal might stop her from becoming Queen.

According to America’s Globe magazine, Prince Charles‘ scheming wife Camilla cruelly taunted Kate, and made her cry, hocking photos of the beauty sunbathing topless exploded around the world.

“Camilla screeched at Kate and how Prince William rushed to comfort his distraught wife,” a source said.

However, William and Kate have Queen Elizabeth‘s support.

Although the palace reacted with “anger and disbelief” over the publication of topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge, sources tell People magazine that William’s father Prince Charles and grandmother Queen Elizabeth II “are most definitely supporting [Will and Kate] in everything that they are doing”.

On Monday, Kate and William won an injunction in France to stop further publication of the images, which were taken as Kate sunbathed topless at a château in the South of France.

William’s former press aide Colleen Harris revealed how the Prince will likely be feeling about the scandal.

“William will be absolutely fuming,” she said.

“If this were Fergie, [the Queen] would be livid,” Ken Wharfe, Princess Diana‘s former bodyguard told People, referring to Sarah Ferguson, who found herself in a bind over racy pictures 20 years ago.

“But this is top-drawer royalty: a favorite grandson and his beautiful wife. They live in another world.”

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  • Julie-Pet

    What rubbish that Camilla “screeched” at Catherine, do these publications think readers are stupid. The British royals will behave in the dignified manor they always do………….shame about the behaviour of the foreign press.

    • Comrade Stalin

      Behave in a dignified manor? Where is this manor? Oh, you meant in a dignified manner ;-)

  • Anonymous

    How do you morons sleep? You people are gutter rats.

  • http://www.facebook.com/danny.almonte.71 Danny Almonte

    Outrage over topless pics in the press from a country that pimps out page three girls.

    • Kianthe

      Difference is the page 3 girls choose to show themselves, slightly different with voyeur shots of Kate – you muppet

  • cutthecr*p

    Kate’s f*nny rocks!! ;)
    She’s a celebrity, people want dirt, you should expect something like that, hahahaha, you Brits amuse me. Besides, you wouldn’t be here yourselves if you did not want to see Katie naked, so spare us the bulls&*t.

  • Someone

    Why did she go out naked in public?

  • BadMouth’em

    They should BadMouth’em

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    sweden silent during Hitler’s attempted genocide of jews , neutral during fascist tyranny, now a sad, celeb obsessed sterile country, occupied by narcissists, nuff said really. Enjoy your photos of our future queen.

  • Phucket

    All this outrage is idiotic. If you care about protecting the privacy of individuals, that is one thing, but most of these people crying foul regularly print or look at the leaked (and often stolen) pictures of other celebrities. She may be royalty in the UK, but to the rest of the world she is just a celebrity. If those concerned expressed this outrage when others’ privacy was intruded upon, that is one thing, but this seems to be only pertaining to her because she married someone who gets to one day be King because of his bloodline. I don’t care about the monarchy and press outside the UK shouldn’t either.

  • ekkyman

    There are two reasons why we are now looking at these photos. Firstly, Kate is a show pony and wants attention. The second is that she is as thick as two planks. I ask you, which is it? Anyway, she doesn’t exactly have much to look at.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jim-Spillane/1076496789 Jim Spillane

    Some people forget, or never knew how it was to be young and in love. Grow up. Shit!

  • Paul

    Photos are ridiculous

  • Phil Australia

    Thank God we don’t see Camila in the buff!!!

  • yari

    is she really this foolish???!!! to go out topless and bottomless at times, knowing very well she is inHIGH demand for scandalous pictures!!

  • William

    The gutter press, out of control, no values nor morals, will do anything for money. Now, show a picture o the editors daughter and mother naked please.

    • gt

      right, I think they place is in prison

  • Derek D

    all observe the royal gash….just after a cleansing splash…..for tis a shame that this fine lass …couldn’t show us her naked ass!

  • really

    This wasn’t in public! The photos were taken by a telescoptic lens from over a half mile away.

  • joblogs

    Get rid of the Royals and nobody would give a damn how the tart sunbathed.

    • teliingre

      fuck you

  • Derek D

    Kates royal twat for all to see….Will one day rule that land you see

    And her stately ass that follows close…..Will still be flashed …all in due course.

  • William

    Kate is innocent .nothing wrong with her .
    The photographer must be charged .
    This is solely a private matter .
    Don’t hurt or harm Kate anymore.
    She is a beautiful woman

  • Mr I M Jollie

    What a load of ‘Round Spherical objects’. That photie could be anyone. The stinking, f*rking, lyng Papparzzi and ‘Red Top’ UK meedja TWats

  • WhatCanISay

    Sad filth. Public interest? F off: just sensation and money. Filth you are and all those that publish it

  • rule britannia

    se Hor. Bunch of money grabbing motherfuckers. Time for GB to kick some Butt!!!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah? B is a “has been” power, no longer so great, so please drop the G from the GB. Kick your own butt.

  • jones.barry

    cute tush

  • connie

    She didn’t go naked in public. They were on what they thought was a private balcony. I am far more concerned about how underweight she looks than the fact that jrk photographers caught her in “private moments”

  • http://twitter.com/hwoodtx61 L P Lindholm

    The Royal Biscuit !

  • William

    Do you like your wife your ,daughter and mother naked photos posted by someone ?
    What will happen if that photographer mother naked photos posted by another
    Taken pictures of Kate from half a miles by using telescope cameras is very immoral. Kate is at private bungalow and not in the public and what is wrong of showing her naked body to william ?
    We like freedom and privacy .
    Privacy at private place must not be intruded.
    You can have sex in the private room but not in the public .
    This is a basic moral principles at all.
    Taking some one naked body without the consent must be charged according to the criminal and penal court and put in prison .
    Why not this photographer post his mother naked photos ?
    Ask him,all of you ? Look at the positive side of it.
    There is law of karma and he will be punished by god.

  • Rayloa

    NICE ASS ! And I dont think she shaves that bush either !

  • Jacinta

    She is the future queen, but I thought we were all entitled to a bit of privacy, even if we are royalty.
    If I went away to another country and stayed on a private estate and was told no one but my husband would be around, I would gladly sunbathe topless.
    It would have been her only chance at some real privacy, I feel sorry that someone would stoop so low.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ademer.reidee Ademer Reidee

    I say if the photographers and editors need to make a living snap away, they need to eat, and if Katie Waitie snap looks shady would have properly followed paparazy warnings and procedures this wouldn’t have happened, I’m not famous and i wouldn’t tan nude in my own backyard I have tan lines…and why does the whole worl have to follow the rules don’t pertain to them, I think the mag is innocent, why should they starve while they wine and dine?..if they are so concerned about appearances don’t make one!

  • Colbert

    Get over yourself you lot, she is a Hot lady sun bakin go for it girl

  • royalcrown

    stupid girl

  • Guest

    Perhaps the “Queen-Bee-Wanna-be” Camila needs to be reminded that SHE is
    one of the most infamous “Adulteresses” of our time…. complete with
    phone tapes (that the world was made privy to on numerous news shows).
    Just because ‘Chuckles’ married the “Rottweiler”, does not elevate her
    moral compass to the place that she now has “stones to throw” !! She’s just a jealous hag.
    The “kids” (Wills & Kate) may well be working on “the Heir & a Spare”— leave the young lovers alone !!

    • tusJohn Cox

      Camilla was divorced. Diana was not – it was Diana who was one of the most infamous adulteresses of all time.

  • rifiya45

    mdr la pauvre

  • 12

    Да ладно!

  • HM Chicago

    I think she actually looks better IN the bathing suit!

  • Pied noir

    That’s right, Kate, get them off !

  • pied noir

    That’s right, Kate, get them off !

  • oh, no

    he’s topless too!!!Oh, No!!!

  • zabber

    The NSA and CIA probably have better pics.

  • SBC

    If kate wants to sunbathe in the nude with her husband so be it… I do it with my husband. They are a young married couple doing couple things. They do have a personal life. Way to go Kate and William. You are a beautiful couple.

  • OsukeChan