Kate Middleton Nude Pictures: A Round up of All The Photos Published by Several Tabloid Magazines!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

KATE Middleton has appeared topless and almost naked in a number of different magazines this past month… so we’d thought we here at Showbiz Spy thought we’d give you a chance to look through them all, on the same page. Scroll through below for images of Kate Middleton naked in France’s Closer magazine, Italy’s CHI and Denmark’s Se Og Hor. Enjoy! [imagebrowser id=1133]

Publishing the pictures has caused quite a stir, but the magazines who paid for the snaps have defended their decision to do so.

Alfonso Signorini from CHI said he has done nothing illegal and he published the 26-page photo feature to show how the royal family in Britain had modernized.

“I published them with a conviction that they are pictures of a modern contemporary duchess,” Alfonso told Sky News, which said that off-camera Signorini had described her as “resembling a Greek goddess”.

Signorini said it was legal in Italy to take photographs on “a public thoroughfare” and the photos could just as easily been taken by a member of the public standing on the road bordering Lord Linley’s Chateau d’Autet.

It has been estimated the photos were all taken from between 400m and 800m away, which would have meant a member of the public would have to have been equipped with an expensive long-lens camera.

CHI magazine – like France’s Closer magazine, which caused a furor by publishing photos of the duchess topless on Friday — is owned by former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi‘s media company Mondadori.

Signorini said it was “a very important scoop” for the magazine which rushed out its special edition on Monday, two days ahead of its normal Wednesday publication date.

“We are a leading gossip magazine in Denmark, and it is my job to publish them. If the British royal family want to sue us, then it will happen then and we’ll deal with it,” added Kim Henningsen, editor of Se Og Hor.

Henningsen had been promising to print the photos, despite the Royal Family suing the French magazine Closer over the nude photos they published of Kate and justified their publication by saying, “It’s a set of unique photos from an A-class celebrity.”

Meanwhile, Kate’s hubby Prince William has vowed to see the people responsible for taking topless pictures of his wife put behind bars.

The heir to the to the throne has even told his confidantes that he is willing to give evidence in court to help seek justice for the future Queen.

William has told pals that he will not just pursue Closer magazine in the French civil courts but will also pursue criminal action.

“I want them jailed,” William told pals.

The royal couple is currently in the middle of a nine-day Far East tour to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

“They will take any action they can within the law to seek redress,” William’s spokesman said. “They’ve been clear that they will not allow this to intrude on their enjoyment of the tour, or more importantly their work on behalf of the Queen.

“The couple always felt very strongly about privacy and harassment. It’s part of a very long-standing and heartfelt position by the Duke and Prince Harry, given their past, to do everything they can to protect themselves.”


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  • Muhammad Hussain


    • WAITY

      WTF ?

  • ernie

    very good job by the press. such a dumb woman to change in public. and her assets are nothing to shout about anyway. pippa when you go on holiday in future pls change in the bathroom/bedroom with all windows closed so as not to suffer as your sis is now. i doubt she will be queen.

    • Barcs

      400-800 meters… that is 1/4 to 1/2 mile to the road the pictures were taken from.

      your definition of “in public” is pretty elastic. hope you don’t have a window in your home that can be seen with a telescope from 5 miles. It now being considered public.

    • KatyWaity

      She has a whole decade or more of past history ,photos of her drunk, a lot, exposing her crotch, a lot….she’s stupid . YouTube is full of evidence that she is an exhibitionist

    • WAITY

      I highly doubt it too- she’s a freaking disaster, No class.

  • KatyWaity

    kate middleton has FALSE modesty….have you not seen the multitude
    of her photos online , in places like Google Images and YouTube ??? She
    was a party bimbo. Wake up. She regularly flashed her crotch, with and
    without underwear, in the back of cars on nights out — many drunk
    photos of her….in Canada she was ignorant enough to wear a dress with
    no panties…a wind blew her skirt up. Then of course photos of her
    naked butt were published.
    No one arrested THAT photographer ok ?
    is STUPID. Kate NEVER LEARNS. She’s TRASH. What dignity does she have
    left to lose during something like the incident in France ? I hate the
    lies and hypocrisy. She is not fit to be in any Royal family {nor are
    most of the “Royals”}. Don’t you want someone you can honestly admire
    ? Well this dumb bimbo isn’t worth respecting. She has a nude photo she
    POSED FOR in circulation on the internet. Look in Google Images, it is a
    black and white photo and you can tell it is NOT A FAKE. She is
    hopelessly shallow and ignorant.
    Check out “kate middleton-party
    girl” on YouTube. Katie-Waity has not cleaned up her act even AFTER the
    marriage – she is still hopelessly exhibitionist and she’s proud of it.
    I hope William divorces her – oh but wait they bonded over drunken
    partying anyway right ? You’ll finf plenty of photos of THAT too. Look
    at the idiot he chose to marry. It doesn’t say anything too good about
    him. I adored Diana, who had more dignity in her little finger than
    Waity ever will.


    • Why is this a problem?

      So for changing on a beach 1/2 a mile away from the road and partying hard when she was younger she is now labelled ‘trash’ and William should divorce her?!? Yeah i mean it makes perfect sense….NOT! Hahahaha you people make me laugh lol! For you lot to say this it must mean that none of you have ever put a foot wrong in life right? Thought not…. I actually honestly cannot believe this post lol! ‘Dumb Bimbo’, ‘None of the royals are fit to be in the royal family’ who is then?? You i would imagine, obviously…..

      • WAITY

        If you have to ask why it’s a problem you just spoke volumes about yourself — personally identifying with a drunk who never learned not to get her crotch photographed over and over is pretty sad – oh the other point you missed entirely was that the bimbo is supposed to be someone to represent England. Probably too much for you grasp – don’t get a headache trying.

      • Lord Loxley

        Sad jealous twat. You don’t know this person at all, you obsession with her shows a lack of interested in your own life. Time to get a hobby.


      Wow pretty harsh rant there !! Never done any thing stupid your self ? And so what someone took pics of her naked who really cares ? You sound like your pretty mad about her having had pictures taken of her half naked ! You look great Kate ! Fuck everyone who is so judgmental ……….Check your self before you judge others ! Peace ! XO….Oh ya one more thing YOU sound like idiot !!!!!!!!!

      • WAITY

        oh f-yourself little trashy one. No, I never acted like that bimbo. I can tell you have.

    • silly puritan

      wow, you pathetic puritanical psychopath. what shall we do then, burn her at a stake for showing her wee-wee willingly at a high school party? “ignorant enough to wear a dress with no panties”. you poor repressed creature. this is just the kind of slut-shaming you expect from hypocritical misogynists. neither does it matter whether she chooses to actually pose for camera nor does it matter if she chooses to get naked in the privacy of her own home. what is a PROBLEM is the intrusion of this privacy and troll hags like you.

      • a simple citizen

        She gave UP ANY RIGHT TO PRIVACY when she finally lured wills to the altar….she KNEW THAT…and furthermore in some of those pictures she’s staring right into the camera…she is a shameless gold digging title craving exhibitionist and she got what she wanted …..waity has wuined the woyal image and that’s all they had going for them…’royals’….barbarians and thugs dressed up…cleaned up….but along comes waity wook at me and down the TOILET (yes, I said it…TOILET) goes any mystery/credibility….

    • Mrserc

      It sounds like Kate pissed in your Cheerios this morning. Simmer down, lol!

    • jane

      agree wid u

  • KatyWaity
  • Michael B

    thanks for posting these all together in the same place! I googled these photos the minute I got home from work the day the story first broke, but was disappointed by how grainy and unclear the ‘closer’ pics were (though even that I now see must have been partly due to them being badly scanned in, cos the versions here are better). I kind of lost interest after that but now I see some of the other photos are actually really good. Have thoroughly enjoyed looking through them all!! Long live the paparazzi ;-)

    • Mrs Ercolano

      Why are you giving us a biography of your life? Lol

      • a simple citizen

        Oh Chica…he speaketh the trutheth….and his life is more substantial than any of the ‘royals’….I suspect another white wash is on the horizon but until then LONG LIVE THE PAPARAZZI!!!! Love it love it love it…..go for all the pictures of waity….will (pee on the fence) can’t get you all thrown in jail….pictures of her hootchy and boobies….pictures of her plastic smile at all times…her bored look….playing with her hair…biting her nails…maniacal phony laughter…..stumbling over the simplest words….can you test the smell by smelling it….do they still make Faberge eggs…she is the best entertainment out of Britain since the Beatles and their ilk…

  • lisa

    hello my name’s Katie and i love Kate Middleton plaes help Kate

    • Elmo

      If you are saying anyway in your post that your name is Katie… Why did you bother to post as Lisa?

      I love Kate too! KATE IS GREAT!!!

  • Mr Smith

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  • http://twitter.com/YSirss yess sirss

    here some more high quality pics https://twitter.com/celebrity_naked

  • Elmo

    The scumbag paparazzi violated Kate’s well-earned right to privacy and Kate is not a whore or whatever you guys down there are calling her. Just like Diana, She is down-to-earth, her modesty is genuine and I have no reason to believe it is false. False modesty? What the fuck is THAT? You’re either modest or you’re not, and Kate’s modest. What the hell says otherwise? You guys have undoubtedly seen her on the news and heard stories about the humanitarian things she has done, and that she is just a nice person in general, again like Diana. These photos are grainy and unclear, and not fapping material at all, although they do clearly show her cleavage, so anybody who goes out of their way to pleasure themselves to these inappropriate photos which were taken AGAINST HER WILL, well, I shit out more dignity every night then exists in all of those assholes who exist on this planet combined! They must all be Americans (and I say that as someone who was born and raised in the US and still resides there) because America is the stupidest third world country with fixed elections and people who are only proud of it because the government gives them crappy, gluten-filled food to keep them happy, only slightly above the Middle East and North Korea! You who take advantage of Kate’s embarrassment for your own sexual pleasures are lucky I’m even wasting the energy to try to talk some sense into you by bothering to type this. With my goddamn knuckles. To keep my iPad clean. While putting up with the screen scrolling back up sometimes. That’s right, I have wasted so much time typing right now that I cannot even see that which I am typing. And to top it all off, I probably won’t even manage to shove this through your thick skulls. Have fun rethinking your lives.

    • Elmo

      And you, Adam! Telling people to “enjoy” these! Get a life!

      • a simple citizen

        Well….????? I enjoyed them….they’re totally an ‘expose’ on the ‘royal parts’….and destroyed any mystery …..

    • Royal family jokes

      How sad are you , listen to yourself biggen the royal family up u need to look at your self an but the wall you arsehole they don’t give to fuks bowt u , an ur goin on asif she’s your best mate haha sort your head out mate u joke

      • Elmo

        People HAVE THE RIGHT, to their OWN OPINION, JERK!

    • Moosse

      excuse me..she’s not like Diana. and will never be.

      • Elmo

        I actually agree with you moosse. Kate is everything I said above, as was Diana, but Diana was special. You can’t just replace someone like her, as the media is trying to do. I don’t know why, because back during the days of Diana, the media was crapping on her in any and every way possible, but they are in fact trying to make her into another Diana, probably to boost their own ratings. Sorry for the extremely belated responses.

    • Anonymous

      Middleton is low class. Bark all you want. It’s not just the nude photos in France. You WISH that was all she’s done.

      • Elmo

        Look up the facts and don’t just listen to the media. Your claims-and theirs-are without backup. If your referring to the time she showed a lot More skin than usual, that was back when she and will were in COLLEGE and she did it intentionally for the sole purpose of arousing William. And if you are instead or in addition referring to when she was meeting the little girl in Canada and her dress blew up ONE FREAKING INCH, I don’t see how that was her fault. It was the fault of the media and the paparazzi for turning the beautiful reason for the visit into everyone bitching about how much of a skank she was for the wind barley blowing her dress up and maybe or maybe not revealing her underwear or buttcheek for a split-second that was such a small fraction of time that the human eye almost can’t even catch it, and up such a tiny distance that if it were any less, nobody would have noticed it even from the closest camera lens.

  • Elmo

    What the hell happened to my comments? They just DISSAPEARED!

  • Elmo

    Oh, now I see! Can’t handle the truth, Adam? Delete this comment, I DARE YOU! Delete this one so I can tell some of your most prominent posters(such as C.L. GARRY and jilly) that you don’t allow freedom of speech, just like that just jured site that they’re always talking about! That you censor what people say if its mean enough against the government? I’ve seen you do it before! You have three options (and the only reason you have the last one is because I cannot directly control you actions as a human being). They are: 1. Respond to this comment and tell me what the heck is going on. 2. Delete this comment and know that I’m on to you. 3. Be a coward and do nothing. ARE WE CLEAR???

    • Elmo

      Disregard this above comment that I am replying to, just a misunderstanding, thank you.

  • Common sense

    Paparazzi suck. End of story.

  • Elmo

    Apologies. My comments were simply being moved lower and I was too lazy to look for them. This is embarrassing… I know where they are now. Everybody carry on.

  • http://twitter.com/YSirss yess sirss

    yeah I’ve been reading about kate… and found the scandal at http://celebritynaked.net

  • Anonymous

    does she think she has some great body?her tits suck for sure.

  • tB

    I bet they knew, liked it, and now love suing

  • Anonymous

    gross, she has boobs shaped like small pancakes. england use to pride itself on its big boobs. does this mean the deflation of its role in the world order of boobism?

  • conner

    very nice

  • victoria

    I have no sympathy for her at all.I cant stand how evrybody was saying it was supposed to be private.When you get that famous you dont get privacy anymore and to actually think phtographers werent going to be there with their long range lens was naive.It’s likely she set it up but when it all broke loose it got negatve feedback so she decided to say it was an invasion of privacy insyead

  • Daniel

    Are they royal family.?i don’t understand ,but it is very cool

  • mike mike

    i LOVE royal ti ts

  • jjc

    great pics, so god dam hot, bring on the first page 3 queen!!!

  • CHAZ


    • a simple citizen

      No, Wills needs to get over it…I agree that she probably knew that she was being photographed….she’s staring right into the camera at times and then when the s**t hit the fan she blamed the press…white wash do over…

  • Sam

    They parade around naked knowing paps are everywhere. When you are married to a public figure you have to deal with stupid choices like this one here. Roam around naked at your own place, curtains closed. Hahaha!!

  • Not British

    Personally I am glad to
    see a pretty British woman, as there are mot too many of them. I think that all
    of You in the Kingdom should be proud to have a pretty princess and hope that
    most of the girls will want to look and dress like her. By my humble opinion that
    may make many British guys happy.

  • Palmist
  • William

    I would really love to tickle her tits so much.

  • a simple citizen

    Just read that the modeling she did to get wills attention was supposed to be covered by a skirt…waity didn’t want to wear a skirt….and for those who say it was back in the day….seriously, her latest engagement was another MM moment…skirt up with the wind while bending over to accept flowers….this is not a woman to be taken seriously….ever

  • rmh2014

    Kate is smokin’ hot though.

  • champ19

    How did her nipples get so black??

  • Julie Angeli

    Maybe the stupid bitch shouldn’t get naked like that, even if its European customery. Bc she’s in the PUBLIC LIFE! What doesn’t she get about that?!! And baldozo over there, shouldn’t act like his wife is the victim, knowing perfectly well the situation. He should be talking to the stupid dumb bitch wife of his to NOT undress herself in public, period.