Kate Middleton Sexy Picture Scandal Makes Prince William Hate Camilla Parker Bowles – Report

Monday, October 1, 2012

PRINCE William is hopping mad — with his step-mom.

The British royal is plotting revenge against his backstabbing stepmother Camilla after she cruelly slammed his wife Kate Middleton over her topless photo scandal.

According to America’s Globe, William is so furious with Camilla that he’s ready to release a secret dossier that rips the lid off Camilla’s raunchy sex life — including proof of a secret lesbian tryst.

Kate is said to be terrified she has ruined her reputation and embarrassed her husband after she was completely exposed in a new series of intimate photos.

“Kate is mortified,” a source said. “Since she and William met, she’s constantly been on guard against embarrassment.

“When they used to go away with William’s friends, Kate would lecture everyone on what not to do in case there were photographers.”

The 30-year-old future Queen is devastated at the thought of upsetting him and the rest of the royal family and can’t stop apologizing since the photos of her sunbathing topless hit newsstands in September.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that Kate designs some of her own clothes.

Middleton wore a yellow broderie anglaise sundress on her recent South Pacific tour, and it has now emerged it was a piece specially-commissioned by Queen Elizabeth‘s tailors, based on the royal’s own ideas.

“This dress was a piece commissioned by Kate. She likes to have a few pieces that are one-offs and that she has had some input in, so she asked the queen’s tailors for some help.

“They worked on it together after she went to them with ideas of color, fabric and style.”

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  • katy
    • Emmie Faison

      Leave Prince William alone everyone knows who was up to this no one but that demonic camilla and her son, If Prince william would move out of the way her childrens would not move in their place and calling kate a commoner I would rather be a commoner then to be evil and a commoner also with no education that why she keep things going talking about camilla

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Guys…Paying the price of fame. Be strong..soon something else will take away the attention.

    • May

      Yeah… Something did… She’s preggers!!! Gd luck will and kate!!!

      • Elmo


  • http://www.facebook.com/ademer.reidee Ademer Reidee

    These dutches’ are ridiculous, what a shamble…I bet none of this would have happened if Princess Diana were alive…she was always so classy and everyone loved her, god bless her.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.pissalou Mike Pissalou

    kate is so… royally… exposed….

  • http://www.facebook.com/vicky.hall.357 Vicky Hall

    Get into the 21st century guys if she wants go topless why car’nt she, shes only human after all & not hurting anyone…..

    • May


    • Elmo

      And thirded!

  • KJB

    Nothing to be ashamed of nice body’s should be shown. And why should it matter if your on page 3 or a royal if you got it flauntit.

  • Gaba

    Kate is better than all other people to carry ludzi.Stara radość.I We Should Just obchodzić.Jej only private life is her business. I’m ashamed That You have shown what kind of people can be cruel. I’m sorry for the mistakes. I am a poland .

  • audrey

    It must have been dreadful for Camilla’s bastard children having a
    filthy ugly toxic whore for a mother. Camilla was frequently drunk for days
    having been a cheap prostitute to numerous men while Andrew Parker Bowles was
    away & often never even bothered to shower! Is it any wonder her own two bastard
    children still have drug abuse problems when they have a disgusting dirty evil whore mother like camilla and are not sure who their father is as camilla was fucking anything with a pulse for money!

    • layla

      How dare you are to talk like that? we all make mistake!! have you looked at your own life ? Are you perfect? You are very jealous. I loved Diana and I cried years after years for her sad life and innocent death !! But this thing happens !! believe me it dose.

  • audrey

    With regard to Mrs. Camilla Parker Bowels (the legality of the ‘marriage’
    is certainly most questionable) although most people knew she was a rather
    coarse vulgar old prostitute had not realised she came with quite so much
    baggage. No wonder HM The Queen rejected whore Camilla. Clearly, Charles has a serious mental deficiency as it’s fundamentally wrong in choosing a vile pox
    raddled old whore who comes from a family of sluts who opened her legs to ANYTHING when younger and probably still does?

    • layla

      This is to much!!

  • Anonymous

    there all bed hoppers. Im sure they have a key party every night.