Britney Spears ‘Would Make Successful X Factor Contestant’

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BRITNEY Spears would have been successful as a contestant on the X Factor — according to L.A. Reid.

The singer and Demi Lovato both joined the judging panel of the show this year but L.A. believes they would have had no problems competing if they were just starting out because they are both talented and hard workers.

“I think that both Britney and Demi would’ve been able to handle it,” he said.

“These girls are really talented and they were trained to work hard. They didn’t become a success because they were slackers. Both of them worked really, really hard coming up the ranks.”

L.A. also claimed he would win if he auditioned because he does such a good rendition of Prince’s When Doves Cry.

“If it was me, very simple. I would go up and I would sing When Doves Cry by Prince,” he said. “And I would win. By the way, I would sing it in Boot Camp and would sing it in the finals and I would win. I’d be a one-trick pony and would only do one song, When Doves Cry.”


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  • greg

    Britney, you have a pair of great LEGS……………….WOW