Zac Efron Praises Nicole Kidman

Friday, October 5, 2012

ZAC Efron has credited Nicole Kidman for turning him into a man.

The actor, 24, thinks shooting raunchy scenes with the Australian beauty in The Paperboy was a formative experience and admits sharing an improvised dance with her made him feel like a real man.

“Nicole is so amazing to work with … You never know what to expect. This was supposed to be a very serious scene,” he said.

“And before I knew it we were improvising an entire dance in the rain. … It’s one of my favourite scenes in the movie. …That is was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done. It is the day I think I became a man.”

Zac is currently single because he finds the dating process awkward and “forced”.

“Dating is kind of hard. Like dinner or something like that. Like a forced awkward situation is very strange,” he said.

“Especially for me, for some reason. I like to go and do something adventurous. I like to go out and do some sort of crazy activity.

“You always have to be careful, I guess, about that kind of thing. Every day is a new experience and I take it as it comes.

“Some people I worry about, some I really don’t have to.”



  • Jorge Gambino

    he is A Oscar, is a great actor who can to do more in your actuation; far west movie or a spacial wars or just a war soldier; I like him in New Year last 2011.