Jessica Simpson’s Beau Hates Her Mom!

Friday, October 5, 2012

JESSICA Simpson‘s baby daddy fiance Eric Johnson is fed up with his soon-to-be mother-in-law!

Tina Simpson has become a fixture at the couple’s Beverly Hills home ever since Jessica gave birth to their daughter Maxwell on May 1.

“At first Tina would drop by to help out with baby duties and household chores, which was great because Jess and Eric were so overwhelmed,” a source said.

““But then she start­ed spending the night.

“The next thing Jess and Eric knew, Tina had moved into one of the guest rooms with sev­eral suitcases and was staying over a couple of nights a week!

“Eric buys junk food for himself and keeps it in a special cabinet that’s off-limits to Jess because it helps her re­sist temptation“But without Eric’s permission, Tina threw out his secret stash of food.

“When Eric asked where it went, Tina chastised him for tempting Jess into falling off her diet.

“Jess feels guilty turning her mother out when her mom is dealing with the collapse of her marriage. She promised Eric that Tina’s constant presence is just a temporary thing.

“But if something doesn’t change soon, it’s going to throw a monkey wrench into Jess and Eric’s wedding plans.”