Christina Aguilera Lives on Champagne and Pasta

Friday, October 5, 2012

CHRISTINA Aguilera is boozing up a storm!

During a recent dinner with boyfriend Matt Rutler, the singer drank so much wine and champagne that she couldn’t even walk to her car.

“Christina loves to drink and has a problem with knowing when enough is enough,” a source said.

“Matt has told Christina that she should slow down on the alcohol when they are at dinners, but she gets mad and tells him she’ll do what she wants.

“It’s obvious Christina has put on a lot of weight – she lives off champagne and pasta. But she still believes she is healthy and doesn’t think that she needs to work out.

“She’s putting her health, career and relationship in jeopardy. Matt can only do so much for her, and she’s going to lose a big portion of her fan base if she doesn’t get herself together.”

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