Kristen Stewart ‘Still in Touch With Director Rupert Sanders’

Friday, October 5, 2012

KRISTEN Stewart is still in contact with Rupert Sanders.

According to a new report, the actress — who cheated on boyfriend Robert Pattinson with the married director — has been texting Sanders.

“Rob has agreed to give it another go. He’s still very cautious, and he and Kristen have signed on for couple’s therapy. They’re both really hoping that this will all end with happily ever after,” an insider said.

“Kristen is saying all the right things to Rob, but she’s not being totally honest with him. Rob made her promise to stop talking to Rupert, and she’s broken that promise already. Kristen justifies it because, technically, she’s not actually talking to him, so she feels like she’s still keeping her word.

“Kristen swears she’s only keeping in touch with Rupert because she feels sorry for him. His wife, Liberty Ross, has totally turned her back on him, and Kristen feels somewhat responsible for that. She doesn’t want to hurt Rob, but she doesn’t see the harm in exchanging text messages with Rupert so that he doesn’t feel so abandoned.”



  • Toby

    Let it go Kris, NOT advice, my opinion. Guys have a tendancy to get very jealous of the girl they love.

  • jilly

    I’m guessing she had some feelings for Sanders at some point and that might be not too easy to let go. Going to couples Therapy when you’re dating is a red flag anyway. Good luck!

  • tracey bown riley

    Kristen won’t texting to rupert bull she still love robert her life

  • Megan

    This is such a LIE. There is NO WAY she would be texting Rupert if she was back with Rob. What the hell?! IF her and Rob are back together, she is DEFINITELY not texting Rupert. This report is such crap. Don’t believe everything you read. We haven’t even seen ACTUAL PICTURES of her and Rob back together yet, AND there’s no way of us knowing that she’s texting Rupert. Rob and Kristen were supposedly at the Soho House in L.A. last week, but I won’t believe he forgave her until I SEE IT.