Taylor Swift Talks to Herself Before Gigs!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

TAYLOR Swift has a ritual to calm herself down before she goes on stage.

The 22-year-old singer is a nervous wreck before she performs a gig — so talks to herself in the mirror, repeatedly telling herself that she is “going to be OK”.

“I get pretty nervous,” she said. “I kind of like go through, you know when you talk to yourself in the mirror? And I’m like, ‘They’re not going to throw things at you, it’s going to be OK, it’s going to be OK.’ It’s not like that, it’s more like, ‘Mmm … it’s going to be OK?’

“I don’t get nervous when I’m going on stage and a crowd of people have bought tickets to see me, because I’m like, ‘You guys totally want to be here.’ It’s when I’m not sure if people want me to be on stage.”

Swift — who’s currently dating Conor Kennedy — recently topped Forbes magazine’s list of highest paid celebrities under the age of 30 and admitted she is saving up her hard-earned cash for her future family because she wants a brood of at least four.

“That money will be really good for sending my kids to college some day — or maybe I’ll have a few more kids than I thought,” she said.

“I want a bunch of them running around, minimum four.”

Swift says she is keen to wait a few years until she starts to think about settling down and becoming a parent.

“I want to wait a while, but the idea of pouring everything you are into another person when you become a parent has always been amazing to me,” she said.


  • buffy

    Sorry people but I am still trying to figure out why she is so popular, nice girl but not a particularily talented singer.