Richard Gere Flirts With Married Lady During Night Out!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

RICHARD Gere shamelessly flirted with a blonde married woman during a recent night out.

The married actor was dining at Nick & Toni’s in East Hampton on Saturday night when he began chatting with the lady. And he got told off by her husband, who reportedly told the star to “Get the [bleep] out of here”.

“He kept staring at this woman,” a source told the New York Post. “Her husband seemed agitated by it.

“He approached the table. He didn’t acknowledge anyone around her. He was leaning in and trying to talk to her, leaning into her ear.

“The woman was looking at [Gere] like, ‘What are you doing here?’ When her hubby had enough, He said, ‘Hey, listen. Get the [bleep] out of here’.

“There was tension in the room.”


  • Sarah A.

    i’m feeling rather pissed off. thanks Richard Gere, you totally messed up with that big image of a gentleman I had shaped up of you by a decade. After 5 years, just tried to forget that HECK of an “imposed” kiss you tried to plant on the Indian actress’s cheek, yet now just another story comes up!!! Carey Lowell with her awesome look, manner, and Great family … is by far more adorable than any probable sexy blonde or So.

    I’d still love to cherish the world and all moments in which RG lives up. please be a good boy and don’t break your fans’ hearts who use to look up at you as a handsome “Gentleman”
    glum-looking Sarah, just a big and hopeful fan from Iran

    • Sarah A.

      ok now ,,, shame on me for the above post that sadly seems to date back to thirteen days ago. Shame on evils who make a stupid fuss around on every little trivia round gere’s life. it was pathetic the way you pseudo journalists tried to report shilpa shetty (if i pronounce that surname right) story almost 6 years ago that richard gere has forced her a kiss on stage. before that rumor, I used to love this man as a great handsome actor and humanitarian that had all beauty with him alone. then the disgusting and indeed the playfully wrong and all fabricated Indian actress story came up that made many of his fans turn him in out of their minds. Tonight, I surfed the web for a video about that and found the big LIE out at YouTube.
      OKAY now, I realize that your story above is another fake waste ‘a time andI regret myself to have already got involved with writing a post 13 days ago about that. shame on me!
      STOP BOTHERING RICHARD GERE that is truly a generous and great man. I’m sorry for myself to have believed in Chinese made gerbil sort of fake rumors for all past years
      why? because he defends Tibet and all-fake China hates to see that
      BYE n I personally won’t buy that anymore
      ~Sarah from Iran
      Viva great men of history

      • jilly

        Well Sarah, if you want to dig into the rumors around Richard Gere, there are far worse stories that we’ve heard. So, just be happy that he was just flirting with a lady!

      • Elmo

        You do all realize that this is from last year right?