Kris Jenner in Talks For Chat Show

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KRIS Jenner is set to expand her TV empire by launching her very own chat show.

Jenner — who has masterminded the reality TV careers of her entire family, most notably Kim Kardashian — is in talks with Twentieth Television for her own daytime gabfest.

It is thought the show could air in summer 2013.

“Everyone wants to do a test with the Fox TV stations,” said a Fox spokesman.

Kris’ husband, Bruce Jenner, has previously complained his wife works too hard.

Bruce says he and his partner do fight on occasions, mostly because she is busy so often.

“It was probably with my wife before I left to come to London for the Olympics during the summer,” Bruce said of the last time he and Kris argued.

“Probably about scheduling – everybody’s schedule and her working too hard.”


  • Wheelusbaby415

    I do not care one way or another about Kris getting a “talk show”, but I do believe she is the ultimate pot calling the kettle black where June Shannon (Alana, Honey boo boo’s mom) is concerned. stop the presses, Kris Jenner thinks June is exploiting Alana???!!!??? Does she ever hear herself! She would use virtually anyone, to achieve more notoriety and money. She appears to be extremely selfish, self-aggrandizing and exploitative. I know she loves her kids, but give me a break.