Robert Pattinson Chats up Blonde in NYC?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

ROBERT Pattinson is is giving cheating girlfriend Kristen Stewart a taste of her own medicine.

Rob was recently seen chatting up a pretty blonde woman Saturday Oct. 6 at NYC’s Electric Room Bar.

“He stayed at Electric Room late,” one insider says. “Rob and the blonde chatted in a friendly way, nothing more. He kept to himself mostly.

“He was hanging out with some friends.

“Rob was in his own world with his friends. He also looked scared of the world. He seemed a bit timid.”



  • Mickey 956

    GIVE ME A BREAK.. What is this a tit or tat game. I thought Rob was suppose to be the mature one. Either he loved her or not. Real love does not go away in two or three months no matter what the circumstances are. So why can’t we stop making up with the rumors and print fact only. Rob you and Kristen have a chemistry of love that a lot of people out there would die for so make the most of it and enjoy the love you have and the hell with friends and reports follow you heart and make each other happy. Money fame will not make you for some day you will be lonely and wonder why I let the love of my life go. Wake up ROB and go to Kristen and work it out. Hay that way they can move on with someother people to make fun of instead of you. I hope that is what they are doing to both of you I do believe you love Kristen and she loves you.Looks like that don’t get made up. Good Luck,

    • AP

      yes they have chemistry of love that lot of people to die for but Kristen doesnt think so thats why she ruined it by cheating on him with Rupert.Kristen really did a good job destroying everything.dont put the guilt on Rob .Kristen should be the one who will regret everything by being a cheaterReal love fight temptations not letting a married man kiss,grope and dryhump you in public

      • jilly

        Poor Rob. I feel so bad for him. He’s dumed if he stays with her and dumed if he leaves her. i think he should have some fling and think about it before making it final.

  • guest

    Rob can do whatever he wants.He is single and free.Rob can date any single woman he likes to date.