Kate Middleton Fears Traitor in Her Inner Circle: REPORT

Saturday, October 13, 2012

KATE Middleton and Prince William fear they have a traitor within their inner circle.

The royal couple apparently feel betrayed after Kate’s naked photo scandal.

Kate and William believe the insider has been leaking their most intimate secrets, including the whereabouts of their top secret vacation where the photos were taken.

The couple is convinced that someone on the palace staff is betraying them.

Meanwhile, sources say Kate isn’t overly confident about her body — but reading some of the comments about her figure on the internet has boosted her ego.

“Kate has always been insecure about her body,” a source said. “While she wasn’t amused that the world’s media published photos of her topless and naked, she has been given something of a boost from the whole scandal.

“Kate has seen some of the positive comments about her body on the internet. It’s made her feel much more positive. But she’ll be more careful in the future.”

Kate is said to be terrified she has ruined her reputation and embarrassed her husband after she was completely exposed in a new series of intimate photos.

“Kate is mortified,” a source said. “Since she and William met, she’s constantly been on guard against embarrassment.

“When they used to go away with William’s friends, Kate would lecture everyone on what not to do in case there were photographers.”

The 30-year-old future Queen is devastated at the thought of upsetting him and the rest of the royal family and can’t stop apologizing since the photos of her sunbathing topless hit newsstands in September.

Meanwhile, it’s been revealed that Kate designs some of her own clothes.

Middleton wore a yellow broderie anglaise sundress on her recent South Pacific tour, and it has now emerged it was a piece specially-commissioned by Queen Elizabeth‘s tailors, based on the royal’s own ideas.

“This dress was a piece commissioned by Kate. She likes to have a few pieces that are one-offs and that she has had some input in, so she asked the queen’s tailors for some help.

“They worked on it together after she went to them with ideas of color, fabric and style.”

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  • sophie
  • PJ

    Showbizspy has proved itself to be a filthy yellow rag of a publication by posting photos of Kate that were obtained by a predatory scum bag. The world needs to leave this young couple alone in their private moments. Public appearances are one thing, but for the sake of their sanity stop stalking them.

    • Emmie Faison

      Thank You! It is like going in the bathroom on someone, I hope she will be more careful of who she Catherine Duthess of Cambridge let into her buisness.. There are some mean and cruel people in this world and they can be in your face smily like a snake and will kill you behind your back becaue of 1.oo or because or envy, jeolousy take care and always pray.