Kelly Preston: ‘I Feel Incredible’

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

KELLY Preston is happier than ever since hitting 50.

The actress — who raises Ella, 12, and 23-month-old Benjamin with husband John Travolta — is so happy she only feels 25 years old, but admits reaching half a century on October 13 did initially “floor” her.

“I feel incredible. It floored me for a bit, but now I love it and I feel better than I have in years,” she said.

“You are as old as you feel and I feel like I’m 25!”

Kelly — who lost three stone in the first 14 months after giving birth to Ben in November 2010 — credits her two children for helping her to feel younger than her years and she insists losing weight through Kirstie Alley‘s Organic Liaison weight-loss program and two years of breast feeding has given her “tons of energy”.

“I’m running after a two-year-old and keeping up completely,” she added.

“Ben runs around and three, four, five times a day we go outside and find frogs, millipedes and lizards. It’s always, ‘Mama, get it! Mama, get it!’

“I go up and down one or two pounds without worrying about it. I think I’d like to stay at this weight. I feel really healthy and I have tons of energy.

“The way I lost the weight was through Kirstie’s [program], and breastfeeding, and the way I gained another pound is because of her! She sent me a box of unbelievably delicious sweets – Rice Krispie treats, homemade jams, coconut macaroons, you name it I plowed right though it!”