Kate Middleton Ruining Pippa’s Life?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

KATE Middleton is ruining her sister’s life!

According to a report from American tabloid the National Enquirer, Pippa Middleton had to cancel her tour of America — she was supposed to promote her new book in TV interviews with Oprah Winfrey, Anderson Cooper and Ellen DeGeneres — following Kate’s recent nude photo scandal.

“Because the Royals feared Pippa would be questioned about Kate’s nude photo scandal, putting the whole mess back in the spotlight,” a source said.

“Worse, Pippa was told to keep her mouth shut when The Queen’s cohorts leaked phony stories to the press, spreading the scurrilous lie that Pippa herself had chosen to cancel her tour to keep the scandal from re-emerging!

“Palace officials stood firm and demanded that Kate personally break the devastating news. Extremely upset, she tried to persuade Prince William to intervene before her meeting with Pippa, but Hubby refused, saying it was an official matter that needed to be handled by her. Stressed and nervous, Kate did her awful duty – and Pippa broke down in tears! She begged Kate to plead for her again, and was shocked when told it was no use.

“Their meeting ended with a forced sisterly hug, but Kate confessed to pals she fears their relationship will never be the same again.”

Meanwhile, Kate’s hoping news of a pregnancy will give her some positive press.

“Kate is very aware of her public image,” a source said. “She was worried the topless pictures might affect the way people see her.

“She’s very proud of her status as a down-to-earth fashionista, and she’s looking to hold on to it!?”

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  • Elmo

    Well this title is one of the most misleading ever. It should say something like ” pippa middleton’s life being ruined by her sister’s topless scandal” or something like that, because the name of this article implies that Kate is purposefully ruining pippas life, which one you read the article becomes clear is not the case. Think clearer in the future, adam! (I heard that’s the name of the site owner)

  • Anne Hendricks

    Well, the Palace has publicly said they will not protect Pippa and that she is on her own; a regular citizen. Now, they tell her to cancel her book tour? The Palace has her sister Kate tell her? Wow, Kate must really feel the way Princess Diana felt- She lost a big support system, and now has none or little. Within the Palace, who’s idea was this? (I bet the person behind this is the same one who had Princess Diana murdered.–shutting down her support system)

    The Palace then tells a false story, and asks Pippa to go along with it and lie? Now, it seems the Palace is setting a pattern. If you marry into Royalty, you must leave your family behind. In my opinion, family comes first, followed closely by ‘etiquette’. (Respect, Truth,..) Without it, Chaos will result, as is seen in the Royals. Someone needs ‘Tough Love’ and fast.

    If the Palace acted out of their adult and asked the shows here in the U.S. to not ask any questions about her sister’s photos, I am sure all the shows would have complied. No problem.

    With a pending court trial, in Europe, on the subject of Kate’s Photo’s, that will
    last months, what more could the U.S. Press possibly say? I am sure they would ask her about her book; they already know Pippa is defensive when it comes to her sister and would not say anything.

    Pippa and her mom, Carole Middleton, have both shown strength of Character in dealing with their new status, without any support, guidance or protection. I think it is now time for Pippa to stand her ground with the Palace. Pippa,, it will only take one more time for the Palace to have you under their thumb. Look at the others and their fate.