Queen Elizabeth is Dying?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

BRITAIN’S beloved Queen Elizabeth is dying, according to a bombshell new report from an American tabloid.

Globe magazine claims the 86-year-old British royal’s health is getting worse and she’s fading fast.

According to the magazine, Elizabeth’s health woes are said to have triggered a bitter battle for the crown by her scheming daughter-in-law Camilla who’s trying to sabotage Prince William and Kate Middleton from stepping up to the throne.

“The Queen’s condition is fading and ruthless Camilla has been plotting,” a source said.

Elizabeth took to the throne on February 6 1952.

She’s married to Prince Philip — also known as the Duke of Edinburgh — her husband since November 20 1947.

The pair have four children together — Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

They have eight grandchildren: Peter Phillips, Zara Phillips, Prince William, Prince Harry of Wales, Princess Beatrice of York, Princess Eugenie of York, Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

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    Really good news.
    So frustrating to see how London has become a world capital of gay men. Where is the Rolls-Royce – the British pride? How about a Bentley? Jaguar is now an Indian? SHAME!!! And we have not forgotten the persecution and murder of Princess Diana. Who was the main inspirer and organizer?
    Hopefully we will not see the new Queen with with the finger in her nose in public.
    Great Britain deserves a better Quinn.

    • jilly

      I think you might get Queen Camilla instead! How would you feel about that Garry? You should visit us here more often my friend. You’re being missed here!

      • CL.GARRY

        No I prefer Kate. Quinn topless – that’s it!
        XXI Century rocks! :)

      • jilly

        Hi Garry, I agree with you 100%. Topless Kate would be just fine! You need to join us here more often to play, I get bored when you’re not around. :) See you soon!

    • Elmo

      Fear not, they’ll get the queen they deserve because no one will let Camilla steal the throne from will and kate! And I’m seconding what jilly said about you, Garry! You should definitely come here more often.

  • megan2
  • megan2

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  • minion

    Camilla is a Blowup Princess

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IPUWC3U5UPPGKPA4SKUGB2DHKQ Donna

    Ridiculous. Charles is still the heir-apparent and when he becomes King, she will be his consort, although it’s possible that she could take the title of Queen-Consort as a courtesy, but she will have no powers in the sense that Elizabeth has. When Charlies dies, William becomes King and Kate becomes Queen, regardless of Camilla’s status. Period, end of story.

  • Kate Val

    I think prince William and princess Kate should be the king and queen because why would Camilla steal the throne that is so evil because queen elizhabet should be in throne and when the queen dies prince William and princess Kate should be next to be king and queen

  • http://www.facebook.com/robby.hampton.73 Robby Hampton

    According to my research, Queen Elizabeth is my 17th cousin 1x removed. It would be extreamly heartbreaking for the world to lose her and I highly suspect that the story in the Globe is nothing but rubbish. It angers me to see stories like this comming from tabloids due to the shaddy nature of their unscrupulous practices.

  • Anonymous

    Queen Elizabeth is in deep deep trouble in Canada where she has been implicated in a plot to loot Canada’s water export resources that has recently resulted in the murder of Canadian Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden-Strevenson in June 2012 and Canadian Department of Justice lawyer Eric Noel in July 2012.
    The Queen sent Prince Edward to Canada, in September, for secret meetings with the Canadian Prime Minister Harper who then travelled to New York City and sought advice from Henry Kissinger.
    Harper returned to Canada and fired his Deputy Minister of Justice and ramp up the search for the murderer(s) of the judge and the lawyer.
    There have been several terrorist threats against Canada in the past 10 days and
    Prime Minister Harper is now in India where he is protected by unprecedented security mearures because of a feared assassination attempt.
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  • wendy

    ALL Muslim $$ would like nothing more than YOUTH on the thones of world. Regarding HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, most women cannot hold a man’s attention 40 minutes, let alone 40 years. Her deep contralto voice would soothe any man; married to a child who pushed her step mother down a flight of stairs YES Diana did exactly that. Diana, in jealousy tried to hurt or kill Reine Spencer

    • Maggie Allen

      You talk like you are on something…..