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Taylor Swift Dumped Conor Kennedy to Focus on Her Career

Posted by Adam

TAYLOR Swift dumped boyfriend Conor Kennedy because she thought he was bad for her career!

According to American tabloid the National Enquirer, the superstar singer, 22, shattered her 18-year-old beau’s heart when she kicked him to the curb.

“Conor’s just devastated that Tay­lor chose career over love,” dished one loose-lipped insider.

“She’s making it appear Conor did the dumping because she didn’t want to come out looking like the villain.

“But the bottom line is the poor kid is heartsick over the breakup. He believed they were headed to the altar.

“He’s still reel­ing from the suicide of his mom Mary in May, and the Kennedys are very concerned his broken heart will take a long time to heal.

“Taylor took advantage of Conor at a time when he was most vulnerable. Now that they’ve broken up, Conor is a wreck.

“He’s trying to forget about Taylor. Mean­while, she’s already put him out of her mind and is concentrating on selling her latest record.”

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  • Swiftie


    • Lady

      i dont see how taylor dumping connor makes her look like a bad person. She’s human. she can dump anyone if she wants to.

      • annie

        its not that. its the way it’s been worded.

      • Lady

        true. In all honesty though, if taylor did break up with conor, good for her, not because i dont sympathize with the boy but it certainly makes her look stronger than how she is portrayed in her songs. I dunno. Whichever it is, the article is indeed very misguiding

  • Anonymous

    Good grief, do you really get your news from crap like the Enquirer? You need to grow up if you do. Nobody believes anything they report. It’s all lies.

  • Sarell

    WTF! It’s isn’t the right facts! Taylor and Connor both decided to break up because of long distance!! So Get your facts right!!!!

  • Hailey Bernard

    I agree with @sarell and @swiftie

  • Breah

    Seriously you just want to get more views and ratings and to MAKE TAYLOR LOOK BAD? WELL THAT’S NOT A GOOD WAY! NEXT TIME PLZZ DON’T LIE

  • Brandi Wonglet

    Pshhhh so not true

  • Annie

    why is this person making taylor sound like a bitch? I would have done the exact same thing tbh…she’s just released an album and shes got a tour soon…leave her alone.

  • Alice-Rose Foster

    Well, the insider is going to be his PR or publicist, who are going to try and make him look the injured party, but this has also been worded terribly

  • swiftie13

    Taylor Swift did what she did because she can’t through her career away for just one boy! Look how successful she is now!

  • EveryThingHasChanged

    really the National Enquirer they just make crap up to make money her and conor broke up cause of his school and her music career their still friends, besides she’d never break up with for her careers sake

  • Rory

    The kinda songs that Taylor writes are not the kinda songs someone who does the dumping writes. The girl is a true hopeless romantic & I doubt she’d ever dump a potential love of her life. I think Conor and/or his family said bye to Taylor first.