Barack Obama Gets Four More Years in Office

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BARACK Obama is staying the White House for four more years.

On Tuesday night, Obama, 51, defeated Republican nominee Mitt Romney by securing a crucial majority of 274 electoral college votes just past 11 p.m. EST, after Obama won the crucial swing state of Ohio.

In addition to Ohio, the President secured wins in similar up-for-grabs states of New Hampshire, Michigan, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Obama tweeted about his victory just past 11:30 p.m.

“Four more years.” the 44th U.S. President wrote beneath a photo in which he embraces wife, First Lady Michelle Obama.

“This happened because of you. Thank you,” he added. “We’re all in this together. That’s how we campaigned, and that’s who we are. Thank you. -bo.”


  • jilly


    • Robert Todd

      How are we losers? Because we happen to support somebody that you don’t? It seems to me that you need to stop hating because others don’t support your president. Its 2012 and its time to grow up

      • jilly

        Well, I guess your candidate LOST last night, right? Obama is our President for the next four years and you can have a less CREEPY candidate in 2016, good luck with that!

      • Robert Todd

        Jilly why do assume Romney was my candidate. I had no candidates at all because I did not feel like voting. You do this a lot you attack people who have a difference of opinion than you. Somehow they become losers and dumb asses. You need to learn that this is an internet forum and anyone should be able to post their opinions without being attacked thats all I was saying.

      • jilly

        Robert, I only attack the ones who attack me. For the past many months, lots of conversations was going on about Obama and Romney. Obama won and I’m very happy about it. I was called dumb ass and loser by many of the Romney fans and now they’re getting it back. I did not mean anything towards you personally. Have a great day!

      • Elmo

        I just noticed something. I’m not going to say anything about politics in this comment. Your guy won, mine lost, and I accept that because I cannot change it. What I will say, however, is that you, jilly, said that there were no comments from the ‘losers’. Well, that’s because there were no comments at all at the time of you saying that. That also means that you were in fact calling people who had a different opinion than you losers. And you couldn’t have been attacking someone who attacked you because at the time, you were the only comment on there. So you were in fact, attacking people over their opinion. Just saying.

      • jilly

        Dear Elmo, for the past many months there has been discussions between people about their candidates in not just this article. One wins and the other one naturally loses. In the many articles in the past, Romney fans have been attacking Obama and his fans and vice versa. The loser comment was for the previous posts in the previous articles. I hope Obama makes “Americans” proud this time around, for everyone’s sake!

      • Toby

        Robert, only my opinion, but that guy you support, was my Govenor for 4 years. Economy sucked, my paycheck sucked, Boston crime at a ridiculous high, during his tenure, just say’n….Why not let Obama finish what he started.They let Bush!!

      • jilly

        They let Bush but we all wish that they hadn’t. Toby, I’m so HAPPY about Obama being elected, best day ever!!!

      • Toby

        Not a big fan of Bush..I did like his father though!..KS told me she will go on Jimmy Falon today, on tonight…9:30 PST…
        WQell the big “O” Rocks on…Obama rules!!!!!

      • jilly

        I’ll watch your girlfriend tonight only because of you! :) We can talk about it tomorrow. I’m sure Jimmy will ask her some less boring questions, LOL.

  • Batman

    “I’M BATMAN!”-Batman

  • The 2012 election was fixed

    MITT ROMNEY 2016!!! Do research, people, and you’ll see how obvious it is that Obama won through VOTER FRAUD!!!!!

    All the polls favored romney in the beginning-even the liberally biased ones.

    The popular vote switched from romney to Obama at the last second for no explainable reason, as if just so it would match the electoral college.

    Even liberals admitted romney was going to win the popular vote.

    Obama lost every state where voter ID was required, and won every state where it wasn’t.

    Obama won EVERY battleground state exept North Carolina.

    Florida WAS GOING TO GO TO ROMNEY. Every poll showed it. And the delay?

    (Sidenote: shame on jeb bush for not doing anything just so he could run in 2016 .)

    Certain ohio counties in which Obama got 100percent of the votes, 108 percent of the votes, and 104-140 percent of the votes.

    The vast majority of the COUNTIES not just in the battle states, but in the whole country went to romney. Can you really expect me to believe

    • The 2012 election was fixed

      (Continued) that the majority of ohio’s population lives in under 5 counties?

      The BLACK PANTHERS WERE PRESENT at voting booths. If that’s not voter intimidation then I don’t know what is.

      The calibration of the machines were rigged to send a vote to Obama-and even highlight his button-no matter whose button was pressed. I even heard of a case where somebody pressed the romney button AND THE MACHINE BLACKED OUT. CRASHED. STOPPED WORKING. And they weren’t allowed to vote again to make sure it went through! They tried to report it but were sent in circles until they gave up. And on the way out they overheard others talking about the same thing.The above information basically means that some machines were- speaking on an internal level of course- programmed to literally SELF DESTRUCT IF SOMEBODY TRIED TO VOTE FOR MITT ROMNEY. Somebody else, it took a few tries to get any button at all to highlight.

      But don’t take my word for it, do research! type in”Obama 2012voter fra

      • The 2012 election was fixed

        (Continued) fraud” or something like that into google and YOU WILL FIND RESULTS.

        Demand a recount, and if that doesn’t work ROMNEY16 baby!!! BUT RECOUNT FIRST 16 LATER!!!

        If you don’t agree you’re part of the problem.

      • The 2012 election was fixed

        All who see this and agree pass it on.

      • Anonymous

        Conservatives now outnumber liberals in 48 of the 50 states, so…

  • X all they y guy

    Recount ALL the votes!!!

    • X all the y guy

      And it’s well known that both the military all voted for romney, and also that the military ballots were kept overseas for long enough so that when they arrived it was “too late” for them to be counted. So the military ballots were not counted, and that’s a well known and obvious FACT! So special emphasis on ALL!

  • Anonymous

    Considering how old this is, this may be the wrong place to say this, but my heart goes out to all the people affected by the Boston marathon bombings. I posted on this article so that I could say this: it’s truly a scary thing that we have to rely on OBAMA to heal our country during and after this recently-ended time of crisis. And that stupid lockdown was the closest thing I’ve ever seen to total government control in a left-wing socialist police state. If Mitt Romney were president, the suspects would have been captured/killed almost instantly, because he would have whipped up a much quicker and more efficient response and strategy(not to mention one that would not infringe upon the rights of the people) than making it illegal to go ANYWHERE in Watertown and using the media to confuse the public and each other to such an extent that they though there was a lockdown in all of the easternmost quarter of massachussetts and that nobody was allowed in or out of entire groups of towns, when all it was was that nobody was allowed to cross in or out of Watertown and people were just advised to use caution everywhere else. Do you have any idea how much that kind of lies can throw people off? I almost couldn’t get home at the end of Friday because I THOUGHT I wouldn’t be able to cross certain town lines. And it’s not my job to figure it out, but there had to be a more efficient method than DRIVING A FRIGGIN TANK THREE YARDS AT A TIME DOOR TO DOOR. We know about the voter fraud, so Romney’s Been screwed out of three months as of today. RECOUNT THE DAMN ELECTION BEFORE ANOTHER DISASTER STRIKES!!!